Thanking vets for service


Hillsboro’s Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 9094 held a Veterans Day program Friday, Nov. 11 to honor the service of military veterans.

“I’d like to thank everyone who came out today to celebrate our veterans,” said Stephanie Roland, the president of the VFW Post 9094 Auxiliary. “Civilians, your commitment to joining us to celebrate our veterans is most honorable, and to our veterans in attendance, thank you for your time in being here and allowing us to acknowledge you and your service to our country.”

Roland introduced the event’s guest speaker, Tara Campbell, who enlisted in the Marine Corps at 18 and served in the military police. She also served in the Army Reserve. She was raised in Rainsboro where she owns a farm and trucking business with her husband, Todd.

Campbell is a graduate of McClain High School, has a bachelor’s degree in social sciences from the University of Rio Grande, a master of science degree in criminal justice and rehabilitation from the University of Cincinnati, and a master of education degree in clinical mental health from Ohio University.

She is a life member of the VFW Post 9094 Auxiliary and serves as the chairwoman of the Highland County Suicide Prevention Coalition. She is a licensed substance use counselor and mental health therapist. She works as the deputy executive director for Highland County Community Action.

“I want to start off by thanking all veterans for your service,” said Campbell. “Some of us volunteered, and some of us were told we were going – drafted – so I want to thank each and every one of you for your service.”

Campbell said taking the oath into military service is not something that is entered into lightly. “When I hear and read those words now, they mean something much different at 42 than they did at 18,” she said. “The more I talk to veterans, the more I talk to those I served with, and the more I think about the promise that is made — the promise to die for our country — and to ask of God at 18, or some 17 years old, to be with us while we take that risk.”

She said veterans possess skills that many people in the general population don’t have. “The skills developed and perfected are skills that we have used to define and continue to grow America,” she said.

She encouraged all veterans to share their stories. “I challenge each and every veteran to share with others, especially kids, about your service, your pride for America, and about the military,” she said. “You’re the reason Americans can sleep in peace at night.”

During the ceremony, Dianna Coffey, accompanied by Jenny Harner on the flute, sang the national anthem, each of the service songs, and God Bless America.

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