Unlawful passing, 21 days of rain, 14.4% jobless rate


Editor’s note — We’re continuing our tradition of taking a look back each Saturday at some of the important, interesting or even odd events as they were reported during the same week throughout the years, along with interesting advertising features from years gone by.

This week in 1935, The Greenfield Daily Times reported that Evelyn Cope, Dwight Parrett, Wendell Richards and Austin Huff, representing the Highland County Farm Bureau, competed in a statewide quartet contest at the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Gerald Armstrong, the head basketball coach for the McClain Tigers, announced that season tickets for the eight home games on the team’s schedule would be $2, with single-game tickets costing 35 cents.

The first annual banquet of the Highland County Dairy Improvement Association was scheduled to be held with A.C. Oosterhuis, head of the diary extension division of the Carnation Milk Co., planning to make the address.

Around 250 members of the Federation of Eagles were in attendance at the newest version of the organization’s meeting, which introduced 22 new people to it and included a turkey dinner.

Albert Daniels, Greenfield, was tapped for appointment to the State Parole Board at the post of speaker, with Daniels “non-committal” on the chances of his appointment to the position.

The Lyric Theatre advertised multiple showings including “Every Night at Eight,” starring George Raft and Alice Faye, and “A Feather in Her Hat,” starring Pauline Lord and Louis Hayward.

Kroger advertised multiple new products, which included a pound of Dutch cookies for 10 cents, five grapefruits for 17 cents and a jar of Heinz cucumbers or pickles for 23 cents.

This week in 1960, The Greenfield Daily Times reported that eight girls and nine boys of the McClain senior class performed “Comin’ Round the Mountain” to a “moderate size audience.

The Highland County Tuberculosis and Health Association announced that it planned to sponsor visits for a mobile chest X-ray laboratory in Greenfield on April 11, 1961 and May 4, 1961, at a Christmas Seals promotional event.

Bobby Edwards, 20, of Leesburg, was ordered to pay a $20 fine as well as $7.60 court costs in Madison Township for unlawfully passing a school bus that had stopped to pick up children.

Ralph Leslie, acting mayor, was ordered by the village of Greenfield Council and Board of Public Affairs to discontinue electrical service to any customer that was delinquent on their payments by at least 60 days as of Dec. 1.

Flynn’s Market, located at 125 S. Washington St. in Greenfield, advertised multiple products, which included table-dressed roasting chickens for 49 cents per pound and a half-pint of whipping cream for 29 cents.

The Rand Theatre, located in Greenfield, advertised multiple films including “The Lost World,” starring Michael Rennie and Jill St. John, and “Killers of Kilimanjaro,” starring Robert Taylor and Anne Aubrey.

This week in 1985, The Press-Gazette reported that the Hillsboro City Council accepted a bid of $245,000 from Bank One in Milford for the purchase of Land Acquisition Notes at Bob Shanks farm.

Tom Knott, a local weather observer, reported that Hillsboro had seen 21 straight days of rain, with the rain total for the first 19 days of November double the average amount of 3.12 inches for the whole month at 6.5 inches just 19 days in.

P.D. Leach, a spokesperson for the Kuppenheimer Manufacturing Co., announced that the warehouse distribution center located in Hillsboro was scheduled to be closed in March or April of 1986, with those working there planned to be transferred to the sewing facility in Hillsboro.

In sports, the Lynchburg-Clay Mustangs defeated the Ripley Blue Jays, 55-43, to begin their season with a win, with senior John Fittro leading the scoring with 18 points.

Chakere’s Colony Theatre, located in Hillsboro, advertised multiple films including “The Annihilators,” starring Millie Fisher and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, and “Sweet Dreams,” starring Jessica Lange and Ed Harris.

Great Scot Thrifty Supermarkets advertised multiple products, including a 26-ounce Mountain Top pumpkin pie for $1.28, a 16 to 22 average pound Honeysuckle turkey for 68 cents a pound and a pound of southern yams for 19 cents a pound.

This week in 2010, The Times-Gazette reported that a Denver-based production company traveled to Hillsboro to follow Drew Hastings as a part of a possible television documentary based on his experiences in Highland County, with the pilot trailer released soon after, titled “The Battle of Hastings.”

Work continued on the Highland County Courthouse as the renovations included the repair of soffits and box gutters and the repair and painting of the pillars and doors, paid for by the special projects fund of the Highland County Common Pleas Court.

Mishpachah, Inc. was scheduled to bring a performance of “Dead Serious … About Life,” to Hillsboro, which focused on “a series of intense, up-front messages about the issues teenagers face.”

Highland County’s unemployment rate measured at 14.4 percent, continuing its streak of having the second-highest unemployment rate in the state for the second straight month, with the county’s rate not changing compared to the month prior.

The yearly Needy Kids Radiothon was scheduled to be held on Wednesday, Dec. 1, and had the possibility of significantly increasing the number of requests because the county was “such a depressed area this year with job losses.”

Lynchburg-Clay High School senior Lindsay Cater won the Miss Ohio High School Pageant, meaning that she would move on to the national Miss High School America competition in San Antonio, Texas.

Abe’s Used Cars, LLC., located at 8345 U.S. Rt. 50 east in Hillsboro, advertised multiple vehicles, including a red 2005 Monte Carlo with a sunroof for $8,700 and a 1994 Cavalier convertible for $1,395.

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