What if Jesus came to your house?


As we prepare to eat with relatives and friends at Thanksgiving, I wonder what would be different if we knew Jesus was coming for dinner.

“I would ask Jesus how he obeyed his parents all the time when he was on Earth,” says Adrienne, age 8.

This may seem like the biggest miracle Jesus ever performed. Parents are not perfect, but God has granted them authority over their children. Though he was God, Jesus listened to the voice of his heavenly father and even obeyed his earthly parents.

“I would let him pray before we ate our dinner,” says Nayha, 11. “If I could, I would not get into a fight with my younger brother while Jesus was there.”

“I would yell, ‘Mom, Jesus is having dinner with us tonight,’” says Matthew, 11. “She wouldn’t believe it until she saw him. Then, she would say ‘hello.’ Then, she would faint.”

“I would be so nervous,” says Kalyn, 8. “I would dress up in my fanciest clothes. Then, I would cook something delicious. And when Jesus came, I would run and jump in his lap.”

What’s for dinner?

“I would cook him stuff he never had 2,000 years ago. I would probably fix him pizza,” says J.T., 8.

What’s for dessert?

“There would be a big fluffy angel food cake for dessert,” says Meghan, 9. “There would be no chocolate devil’s-food cake or deviled eggs at my table.”

“I would make a banana-coconut Popsicle,” says Emily, 8. “Then, we would talk about heaven. Then, I guess he would have to go home.”

“I would hug him,” says Lauren, 6. “I would invite him to spend the night. I would ask him to pull my tooth.”

“I would like to ask Jesus, ‘What is it like in heaven? What are angels made out of?’” says Katrina, 8.

“I would ask, ‘How did you make people?’” says Matthew, 7.

“I would ask, ‘Did you have fun walking on the water, doing miracles and talking to people about God?’” says Jessellyn, 10.

“I would want to do things that on Earth are considered nice like a good meal, expensive clothes and a nice house,” says Annie, 11. “But Jesus would not care if he were in the poorest house in the world or in the most expensive. It does not matter to him as long as he is with you, and you are with him.”

Although he was king of the universe and God himself, Jesus entered this world humbly. Until wise men from the East appeared asking questions, Jerusalem’s rulers were unaware of his birth. Jesus lived humbly as well, working as a carpenter before starting his ministry. If our circumstances are humble, we can feel comfortable in his presence because he knows the limitations of poverty.

The Bible says Jesus became poor that we might become rich. Even if he had been born to wealthy Jewish parents, nothing on Earth could ever equal the glories of the heaven he left behind.

“And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross.” (Philippians 2:8).

Think about this: As Christians gather this Thanksgiving, we need to remember that Jesus is present through his indwelling Spirit (I Corinthians 6:19).

Memorize this truth: “Where can I go from your Spirit? Or where can I flee from your presence?” (Psalm 139:7).

Ask this question: Will you sense Jesus’ presence at Thanksgiving?

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