Summer Solstice Celebration begins June 19


The Summer Solstice Celebration starts Friday, June 19 and continues through Sunday, June 21.

In 2009, the Friends of Serpent Mound (FOSM) held a one-day festival that has since grew into three days of lectures, workshops, tours, and more. FOSM’s Summer Solstice Celebration – History, Mystery, & Intrigue, starts Friday, June 19 and continues through Sunday, June 21 at the Soaring Eagle Retreat, which is adjacent to Serpent Mound. Parking is available at Serpent Mound. FOSM encourages everyone to visit Serpent Mound before attending the festival. A complete schedule of the weekend’s activities is at

“Yes, this is a new venue, but the same fun festival,” says Delsey Wilson, Executive Director of FOSM. “We feel this will give everyone what they want – quiet time at Serpent Mound and freedom of speech to those participating. This festival is for the community of Serpent Mound Lovers who wish to share their theories, experiences, and knowledge with others.”

There are three days of presentations scheduled through the afternoons and evenings. Presenters include regulars and locals: Douglas Ross Hamilton, E.P. (Ed) Grondine, Fletcher Wilson, Tammy Peach, Tom Johnson, Marilene Isaacs, Jeffrey Wilson, and Delsey Wilson. New presenters this year include: Richard Moats, David Tillis, Grandfather Clifford Mahooty, Joel Ayala Ayapana, Charmian Redwood, and Monnie Cummings. Singing and storytelling will be by Steve Free and Terri Rivera (Sings with Ravens), new this year Spirits of the Winds. Debbie Brubaker (Yellow Flicker), Joseph Whitefeather, and Chris Campbell (Freaky Frog Flutes) will be playing flutes.

Over forty vendors have registered. Many have also agreed to do a workshop, a presentation, or a hike. Workshops from flute playing to crafts to energy work. Guided tours like a hike lead by Buckeye Trails, a car tour to the Serpent Mound Crater’s edge, and a guided hike through Serpent Mound. A complete schedule can be found at the FOSM website.

“We have some fun activities for children of all ages,” shared Events Director Beverly McKenzie. “We want this event to be family friendly and enjoyable for everyone.”

Friends of Serpent Mound is a volunteer, non-profit organization, consisting of individuals from the local area and from many other places, near and far. The Summer Solstice Celebration is one of several events FOSM schedules throughout the year, at either Serpent Mound or Soaring Eagle Retreat. To learn more about the Friends group and their events, visit or find them on Facebook, where they have both a page and a discussion group.

The Ohio History Connection, formerly known as the Ohio Historical Society, owns Serpent Mound and contracts with the Arc of Appalachia (Highlands Nature Sanctuary, Inc.) to manage the day-to-day activities at Serpent Mound and at Fort Hill.

Speakers Schedule

Friday, June 19

Noon – Opening Ceremony

1 p.m. – Delsey Wilson – FOSM & Summer Solstice Celebration

2 p.m. – Tammy Peach & Toby Wallace – Serpent Mound – Family, Love, & Energy

3 p.m. – Tom Johnson – Crater Surrounding Serpent Mound

4 p.m. – Steve Free – Music and Storytelling

5 p.m. – E. P. (Ed) Grondine – Other Astronomical Aspects of Serpent Mound

6 p.m. – Fletcher Wilson – More on Sacred Sites

8 p.m. – Open Drum – American Indian Style

Saturday, June 20

11a.m. – Charmian Redwood – Hawaiian Forgiveness Ceremony Ho’opono pono

12 p.m. – Walter “Soaring Eagle” Koehler – Chakra Light Manifestation

1 p.m. – Richard Moats – “The Reconstruction and Archaeoastronomy of a Hopewell Hilltop Earthwork”

2 p.m. – Grandfather Clifford Mahooty – Zuni Teachings

3 p.m. – Douglas Ross Hamilton – “Mysteries of the Adena-Hopewell: Geometry, Astronomy, & Architecture”

5 p.m. – David Tillis – Meet Dr. Edwin Hamilton Davis

6 p.m. – Jeffrey Wilson – Archaeo-astronomy of Serpent Mound

8 p.m. – International Drumming and Hula Hoop Dancers to 2 AM

Sunday, June 21

12 p.m. – Spirits of the Winds – A Celebration of Creator

1 p.m. – Joel Ayala Ayapana RN, BSN, BA – “The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart”

2 p.m. – Sherry Graham – “Symbols Embedded in Serpent Mound”

3 p.m. – Jeffrey Wilson – Women of Serpent Mound

4 p.m. – Monnie Cummings – Introduction to Reiki

5 p.m. – Terri “Sings with Ravens” Rivera – Healing Ceremony

5: p.m. – (Vendor’s will start closing down.)

6 p.m. – Marilene Isaacs – Healing Ceremony

8 p.m. – Terri Rivera and Marilene Isaacs – Closing Ceremony at the Serpent Mound Oval

Workshop Schedule

Friday, June 19

1 p.m. – Yazmin Garcia – Exploring the 13 Moon Cycle

2 p.m. – Walter Soaring Eagle Koehler – The Melchizedek Method of Axiatonal Alignment Therapy

3 p.m. – FOSM Volunteer – Serpent Mound Art

4 p.m. – Earthen Moon – Rawhide Rattle

4 p.m. – FOSM Volunteers – Crater’s Edge View Driving Tour

5 p.m. – Joseph Whitefeather – Beginner Flute Playing

6 p.m. – Linda Turner – History of the Coin Rings and How They are Made

7 p.m. – Jeffrey Wilson – Sunset Tour around Serpent Mound

8 p.m. – Potluck

Saturday, June 20

11 a.m. – Gregor Tranquil – Energy work

11 a.m. – Delsey Wilson – The Lost History of Serpent Mound Hike

12 p.m. – Debbie “YellowFlicker” Brubaker – Native Flute Music

1 p.m. – Hailey Hinson – Meditation or Shaman Work

2 p.m. – Jeanette Anderson – Make a Dream Catcher

3 p.m. – FOSM Volunteer – Gourd Rattle

4 p.m. – Marilene Isaacs – From the Phoenix Foundation to Soaring Eagle

5 p.m. – Monnie Cummings – Children and Reike

6 p.m. – Molly Hodoska – Herbal Remedies and Folklore

7 p.m. – Sunset Tour at Serpent Mound

8 p.m. – Potluck and Trading Blanket

Sunday, June 21

11 a.m. – Chris Campbell (Freaky Frog Flutes) – Native Flute Music

12 p.m. – Sherry Graham – Make a Double Strand Necklace

1 p.m. – Horse Woman – How to Make a Fetish Bag

2 p.m. – Charmian Redwood – Crystal Singing Bowls

3 p.m. – FOSM Volunteer – Kids Snake Crafts

4 p.m. – Tom Johnson – Pipestone carving (2 hours) (Please, bring carving knives, stone can be bought there.)

7 p.m. – Jeffrey Wilson – Sunset Tour around Serpent Mound

Submitted by Friends of Serpent Mount.

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