Falsification charge reduced


Alexandrea Sons is pictured with defense attorney Jeffrey Lyle in Hillsboro Municipal Court on Friday.

An Adams County woman who allegedly filed a false report of rape entered a plea agreement in Hillsboro Municipal Court on Friday.

As previously detailed by The Times-Gazette, Alexandrea Sons, 20, Seaman, allegedly reported to the Hillsboro Police Department that she had been raped. Following an investigation, “the sexual encounter was found to be consensual,” according to an affidavit.

On Friday, a charge of first-degree misdemeanor falsification was amended and reduced to fourth-degree misdemeanor disorderly conduct. The state recommended a suspended sentence on the condition that Sons have no contact with the involved party.

A 15-day jail sentence was suspended. Sons must complete 20 hours of community service.

Also on Friday, David Stidham Jr., 34, Hillsboro, entered an agreement and pled guilty to disorderly conduct. The Times-Gazette previously reported that the charge stemmed from an alleged fight in the jail.

In reviewing Stidham’s record, Hillsboro Municipal Court Judge David H. McKenna said Stidham has roughly $8,900 in unpaid fines and court costs on past cases.

When Stidham was last in court, the judge said he has several suspended sentences, including a total of 360 days on two cases for driving on a suspension.

On Friday, a 30-day jail sentence was suspended. Stidham was placed on reporting probation.

The judge added that Stidham is scheduled to be released from custody later this month.

In other cases, Charles Applegate, 42, Hillsboro, appeared on a bench warrant that was issued in February after he failed to appear for a review hearing.

The judge said this was the second warrant issued for Applegate’s arrest since he was convicted of reckless operation in 2013. He added that while Applegate’s fines were paid, he has yet to provide proof that he has completed a three-day driver intervention program.

On Friday, Applegate provided information about other programs he has pursued. McKenna said those did not satisfy the agreement.

“We’re just going to take care of it the easy way now,” McKenna said. Applegate began serving a three-day sentence on Friday.

Pleading guilty during his arraignment was Samuel Hickey, 28, Hillsboro. He was charged with fourth-degree misdemeanor trespassing.

When asked, Hickey said he would fail a drug screen for marijuana and alcohol.

All but 10 days of a 30-day sentence were suspended. If Hickey passes a drug test for everything except what he indicated, he can be furloughed on Monday. He must also complete 40 hours of community service. A $250 fine was suspended.

Also on Friday, Devin Hartley, 19, Hillsboro, entered an agreement on three charges of first-degree misdemeanor theft and three charges of trespassing.

The Times-Gazette previously reported that Hartley and co-defendant Jerry Eck, 18, Hillsboro, allegedly broke into vehicles in March and took multiple items. Eck previously pled guilty to his charges.

On Friday, Hartley pled guilty to the trespassing charges, and his theft charges were dismissed.

As per the agreement, 30-day sentences were suspended on each case. Hartley must pay $375 in restitution and complete a total of 90 hours of community service.

Hartley is currently serving a 54-day sentence. The judge said he is scheduled to be released on July 11.

Also entering an agreement was William Burns, 38, Hillsboro. The Times-Gazette previously reported that he was charged with two counts of assault after a man and woman “attempted to gather property from (the woman’s) ex-boyfriend (Burns),” as stated in an affidavit.

On Friday, Burns pled guilty to two amended and reduced charges of disorderly conduct.

Thirty-day jail sentences were suspended on each count. Burns will have to pay a total of $250 in fines.

Angela Brown, 50, Greenfield, also entered an agreement. She pled guilty to one charge of theft and a second separate charge was dismissed. The state recommended a suspended sentence.

In reviewing Brown’s record, the judge asked, “Why is this going to be any different?” He added that Brown had also been resentenced on a theft conviction from 2013.

A 180-day sentence was suspended. Brown was ordered to stay away from Walmart, Dollar General, and involved parties. She must pay restitution on both cases. Brown is also on reporting probation. A $1,000 fine was suspended.

Brown was given credit for 39 days in jail and released from custody on Friday. This case was also a probation violation. As such, a total of 41 days in jail are scheduled for October.

An agreement was also reached for Michael Good, 56, Chillicothe. He pled guilty to first-degree misdemeanor operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI), which the state agreed to stipulate as a first offense.

Minor misdemeanors for crossing the yellow line and failing to use turn signals were dismissed.

Defense attorney Jeffrey Lyle said Good already completed a three-day driver intervention program.

All but three days of a 180-day sentence were suspended. Good was given credit for his time in the intervention program. His license was suspended for one year, records show.

Good will have to pay a $375 fine and complete counseling.

Two women facing assault charges also appeared on Friday, with one scheduling a jury trial. The Times-Gazette previously reported that Ashley Lindsey, 28, and Donna Lindsey, 50, both of Hillsboro, were charged following an incident that allegedly began as a verbal argument.

Records show that a September jury trial is scheduled for Ashley Lindsey. Donna Lindsey’s case was continued until next month.

A court trial was scheduled for Donald Morris, 51, Bainbridge. He is charged with menacing, a fourth-degree misdemeanor. Records show that if Morris is convicted, this case could be a probation violation of a reckless operation conviction. His trial is set for July 23.

Larry Hutton, 18, Hillsboro, is also scheduled for a court trial on July 23. He is charged with possession of drug abuse instruments, a second-degree misdemeanor, and possession of marijuana, a minor misdemeanor.

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