Retired SSCC professor speaks at Hillsboro Lions Club meeting


Pictured are the speaker for the evening, John Porter, and scholarship recipients Debbie Clemmons representing Joci Taylor, and Brittany Manning.

Retired history professor from Southern State John Porter was the speaker for the evening at a recent Hillsboro Lions Club meeting where the club’s 2015 scholarships recipients were recognized. Porter challenged students to be true to their upbringing and their home-taught values while away from home.

While away they will meet students from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds with an equally wide variety of religious and social beliefs. He also stressed the value of service to others, and the personal fulfillment that helping others brings to one’s self. Porter also stressed the value of an education.

Scholarship recipient Joci Taylor was unable to attend the meeting. She was out of town with family. She is represented by her grandmother, Debbie Clemons.

Taylor is a Post Secondary graduate from Southern State, graduated from Hillsboro High School, and is a member of the National Honors Society. She worked part-time, was a member of the track team and excelled at the high school and college level courses. Taylor wants to pursue an education is computer technology at Michigan Tech University where she has been accepted as a student. She plans to attend Carnegie Melon School of Computer Science following her college degree. She plans to earn her degree in robotics and then develop robotic prosthetics for amputees. Taylor says, “My goals are almost purely medical.”

Brittany Manning II graduated from Hillsboro High School. She took honors level courses at HHS and Post Secondary classes at Southern State. Manning tutored students during the day in math and science. She also participated in the community seminar program where she helped elementary students with their learning. Her goal is to be, “the best teacher she can be, and leave her students with an interest in learning”.

Maning will attend The Ohio State University majoring in early childhood education.

Submitted by David Lowell, Hillsboro Lions Club president.

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