Hillsboro woman held on $10,000 bond


A Hillsboro woman is being held on a $10,000 bond after appearing in the Hillsboro Municipal Court on both a bench warrant and new charges on Wednesday including possession of drug abuse instruments.

Court records show that Haley Claibourne, 26, pled guilty to two counts of first-degree misdemeanor driving without consent in March 2012. Half of two 180-day jail sentences was suspended, and she was placed on reporting probation.

Claibourne was also ordered to obtain counseling, records add. Her license was suspended for one year. She was eligible for driving privileges with a clean drug screen every 30 days.

In May of that same year, Claibourne was furloughed into the day-reporting program. She was later found guilty of a probation violation in June and sentenced to 270 days in jail, according to records. She could be furloughed to inpatient treatment.

Records add that Claibourne had jail time imposed on probation violations two more times, both of which also had possible furloughs to inpatient treatment.

In August of 2014, an affidavit was filed by the probation department and a warrant was issued for Claibourne’s arrest. She appeared on that warrant Wednesday.

Claibourne was also arraigned on two second-degree misdemeanor charges for obstructing official business and possession of drug abuse instruments.

Pretrials are set for Aug. 28. A probation violation hearing will also be held at that time. A $10,000 bond is set on Claibourne’s 2012 case, according to records.

If Claibourne posts her bond, she will be under the supervision of the probation department, records add. She must observe a curfew and enroll in substance abuse counseling “immediately,” records state.

Also appearing on a bench warrant was Krystal Jones, 28, Hillsboro. Records show that she pled guilty to first-degree misdemeanor receiving stolen property last May.

All but 10 days of a 90-day jail sentence were suspended, as was a $500 fine. Jones was placed on reporting probation and ordered to perform 80 hours of community service, pay restitution, and complete a theft class.

Records show that a total of three warrants have been issued for Jones’ arrest since her conviction.

She was found guilty of a probation violation last August and sentenced to 45 days in jail. The following month, she was furloughed into the day-reporting program.

In November, a warrant was issued for Jones’ arrest after an affidavit was filed by the probation department, according to records.

She appeared on that warrant in January, and her past furlough was revoked. Jones was also found guilty of a probation violation, and an additional 45 days in jail were scheduled to be reviewed in April.

After Jones did not show up for that review, a $7,500 bench warrant was issued for her arrest, records show.

On Wednesday, Jones appeared on that warrant, and her 45-day jail sentence was imposed. It began when she was arrested on Tuesday, records add.

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Woman appearing on bench warrant gets 45 days in jail

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