Leesburg woman appears on bench warrant


A Leesburg woman appearing on a bench warrant in Hillsboro Municipal Court on Monday was found guilty of a probation violation.

Records showed that Tamara Gibson, 30, pled guilty to first-degree misdemeanor drug abuse last year. She also pled guilty to two counts of child endangerment.

A 180-day jail sentence and a $1,000 fine were both suspended on her drug abuse charge.

Court records show that half of the jail time was suspended on 180-day jail sentences on her two counts of child endangerment. All but $100 of $1,000 fines were also suspended.

Gibson was placed on reporting probation for two years, records added. She was ordered to have no contact with Walmart or Kmart and to obtain domestic violence and FRS counseling.

Since her conviction, Gibson has been placed on electronic monitoring house arrest and had a 166-day jail sentence set to be reviewed.

Review hearings have continued since then, until earlier this month when an affidavit was filed by the probation department. A warrant was then issued for Gibson’s arrest for failure to comply, records showed.

On Monday, Gibson was found guilty of a probation violation, and 30 days in jail were imposed. If she passes a drug screen, she can be furloughed. Gibson is set to return to court in September. Her probation was extended for another year.

As of Monday afternoon, she was no longer in custody, according to jail records.

In other cases, bonds for two defendants were set at $2,500.

Alixsae Behlke, 25, Greenfield, faces a charge of first-degree misdemeanor theft. A warrant for her arrest was issued in March.

Behlke appeared on that warrant and was arraigned on Monday. A pretrial is set for Aug. 14.

If Behlke posts her bond, she must have no contact with Walmart and must observe a curfew while her case is pending. She is prohibited from driving until the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) “clears up (her) suspension,” records stated.

Joshua Finnegan, 27, Hillsboro, appeared on both a new charge and a bench warrant.

The bench warrant was issued on a pending case for a charge of driving on a suspension, a first-degree misdemeanor. According to records, Finnegan also faces a new charge of second-degree misdemeanor obstructing official business. Pretrials are set for Aug. 14.

His $2,500 bond was set on a possible probation violation. Records showed that Finnegan was found guilty of first-degree misdemeanor driving on a suspension in November. He pled no contest, records added.

If Finnegan posts his bond, he must report to the probation department. He will be placed on electronic monitoring house arrest, according to records. He is prohibited from driving.

Finally, a September jail sentence was scheduled for Justin Blackburn, 23, New Vienna. He was found guilty of a probation violation on a theft conviction.

Records showed that he was convicted earlier this year. A 180-day jail sentence and a $1,000 fine were suspended. He was placed on reporting probation and ordered to stay away from Walmart, perform 80 hours of community service, and take a theft class.

Blackburn appeared for a review hearing on Monday. A 30-day jail sentence is set to be reviewed in September.

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$2,500 bonds set for two defendants on Monday

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