Hillsboro woman found guilty of violation


A Hillsboro woman who entered a plea agreement on an assault charge earlier this year was found guilty of a probation violation in the Hillsboro Municipal Court on Wednesday.

The Times-Gazette previously reported that Shaylyn Mccoy, 18, and a co-defendants were each charged after allegedly picking up and then beating the alleged victim.

In April, both entered agreements and pled guilty to amended and reduced charges of third-degree misdemeanor criminal mischief. In both cases, 58 days of 60-day jail sentences were suspended, with credit given for two days in jail.

Court records show that a warrant was issued for McCoy’s arrest last month after an affidavit was filed by the probation department. McCoy appeared on that warrant Monday, and was released on her own recognizance (OR) bond.

McCoy then appeared again on Wednesday after another affidavit was filed by the probation department, according to records.

She was found guilty of a probation violation and the previously suspended 58 days in jail were imposed. She will be furloughed on Saturday. McCoy must return to court in September.

Also on Wednesday, Richard Wilson, 29, Greenfield, pled guilty to second-degree misdemeanor possession of drug abuse instruments.

All but 30 days of a 90-day jail sentence was suspended. A $750 fine was also suspended.

According to records, Wilson can be furloughed on Friday. He must return to court on Sept. 21. He will be on reporting probation.

Wilson must obtain counseling. He will be on a curfew until that counseling is complete. His license was also suspended for six months.

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Man pleads guilty to possession of drug abuse instruments

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