Failed drug test lands man in jail


A Hillsboro man appearing in Hillsboro Municipal Court on Friday was sentenced to 90 days in jail after failing a drug test.

Court records showed that John Hill, 51, has two past convictions for first-degree misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance. He has also been convicted of first-degree misdemeanor theft, fourth-degree misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, and fourth-degree misdemeanor trespassing.

The Times-Gazette previously reported that when Hill last appeared in May, he was found guilty of a probation violation and sentenced to 60 days in jail.

According to the municipal court, Hill appeared Friday after failing a drug screen. As such, a 90-day jail sentence was imposed.

Records add that Hill may be furloughed to inpatient treatment. A review is set for December.

Also on Friday, Jeremy Thomas, 36, Wilmington, entered an agreement on multiple charges: first-degree misdemeanor obstructing official business, second-degree misdemeanor resisting arrest, fourth-degree misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and minor misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

The Times-Gazette previously reported that Thomas was charged following an incident last month that ended with a deputy deploying a taser and later mace.

On Friday, Thomas pled guilty to resisting arrest, and the other charges were dismissed. The state recommended a suspended sentence on the condition that Thomas continue counseling.

Thomas told the court, “What I did was childish … I’m just embarrassed and disgusted.”

“It was also a crime,” said Hillsboro Municipal Court Judge David H. McKenna.

In reviewing Thomas’ record, the judge said Thomas also had three “drunk driving convictions” in Clinton County.

A 90-day jail sentence was suspended, as was a $750 fine. Thomas was ordered to complete his counseling and to perform 50 hours of community service.

In other cases:

• Lindsai Camp, 29, Loveland, entered an agreement and pled guilty to second-degree misdemeanor possession of drug abuse instruments. A theft charge was dismissed. The state recommended a suspended sentence on the condition that she pursue treatment. Seventy days of a 90-day jail sentence were suspended, with credit given for 20 days. Camp was released from custody Friday. A $750 fine was also suspended. Camp was placed on reporting probation. She must stay away from Walmart. Her license was suspended for six months.

* An agreement was also reached for Daniel Young, 25, Greenfield. Defense attorney Carol Davis said she recommended to her client that they take the case before a jury, but that he had conflicts with his job and wanted the case to be resolved. He pled no contest to fourth-degree misdemeanor unauthorized use of property, which was amended and reduced from a theft charge. Young told the judge that the incident was an “honest mistake.” McKenna said Young previously served a prison term for breaking and entering. A 30-day jail sentence was suspended. Young must pay a $250 fine and stay away from Walmart.

* Roxanne Polley, 35, Hillsboro, also entered an agreement. She pled guilty to third-degree misdemeanor reckless operation. Polley originally faced first-degree misdemeanor operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI). The state recommended a suspended sentence on the condition that she complete a three-day driver intervention program. Fifty-seven days of a 60-day jail sentence were suspended, with credit given toward the program. Polley must pay a $500 fine.

* A jury trial was scheduled for Adam Brunck, 36, Hillsboro. He is charged with three first-degree misdemeanors for failure to comply, OVI, and driving on a suspension. Brunck also faces a minor misdemeanor for disorderly conduct. Records show that a final pretrial is set for September and that the trial is scheduled for October.

* Billy McClain, 34, Lynchburg, was also scheduled for a jury trial. He is charged with second-degree misdemeanor obstructing official business. If McClain is found guilty, this case could be a probation violation of a criminal trespassing conviction from last year. According to records, the final pretrial and jury trial are both set for next month.

* A court trial was set for Todd Jimmerson, 35, Hillsboro. He faces a first-degree misdemeanor for fictitious plates, as well as a minor misdemeanor headlight violation. If found guilty, he could be in violation of past cases for disorderly conduct and driving on a suspension, according to records. The trial is set for next month.

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Jeremy Thomas is pictured with defense attorney Allyce Horne in Hillsboro Municipal Court on Friday. Thomas is pictured with defense attorney Allyce Horne in Hillsboro Municipal Court on Friday. Sarah Allen|The Times-Gazette

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Defendant enters agreement on multiple charges

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