Publication: Hillsboro Times-Gazette


Bar code: 10016

Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Volume: 19

Issue: 238

No. of sections: 1

No. of pages: 10

Page 1A: A3

Teaser – On left, use pic from inside pages story HTG092915DivisionIHog w/headline: Collins Division I Champion; on right, use ……………………. logo w/headline: …………………………………

1) – HTG092915CommunityAction w/ pic (runs as dominant feature at top of page over 4 columns on right), 46.9 inches

2) – HTG092915CookiesCharacters w/pic (runs as centerpiece), 14.4 inches

3) – HTG092915Stykes w/pic (runs down 2 columns on left side of page — pic can at bottom of story on page 1), 15.2 inches

*****We will have another page 1 item slugged HTG092915FrontWeatherIcon. It goes in the index box on bottom left corner of the page and includes a small weather icon, short weather description and High and Low temperatures for the day.

2A – Obits

HTG092915YoungObit, 8.1 inches

HTG092915WheelerDeathNotice, 0.5 inches

*****Obit submission deadline is 6 p.m.


1) – HTG092915JailTime (story w/mug shot), 7.8 inches

2) – HTG092915DivisionIHog (stand alone pic)

3) – HTG092915ResidentialAward (stand alone pic)

4) – HTG092915CommericalAward (stand alone pic)

5) – HTG092915CardShower (stand alone pic)

6) – HTG092915GESBook (stand alone pic)

7) – HTG092915TakeNote (copy only — can be cut as needed), 25.7 inches

8) – HTG092915CommunityCalendar (copy only — can be cut as needed), 57.2 inches

*****Take Note and Community Calendar are to be used only after everything budgeted above them has been used.

*****We have also posted 5 Ohio AP filler stories. They range in length from …. inches

4A – Opinion banner

HTG092915TheirView (runs at top of page over 2 columns on left), 6.4 inches

HTG092915TodayInHistory (runs beneath Their View), 24.2 inches

HTG092915PoliticalCartoon (runs at top of page over 4 columns on right),

HTG092915AbernathyColumn w/mug (runs beneath Political Cartoon), 29.3 inches

*****If you need more filler on right 4 columns, use Our Policies. They can be found in GPS and can be cut as needed

5A – Jump Page


Jumped stories

6A – Comics

7A – Comics

8A – Classifieds/Local

9A – Sports

10A – Sports

*****Will update inch counts as they become available

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