Opposition to Issue 3 made formal


Among the resolutions passed by Highland County Commissioners during Wednesday’s meeting was one opposing Issue 3 – the constitutional amendment on the upcoming ballot that would make marijuana legal in Ohio.

Commissioner Tom Horst said, “Coming from a law enforcement background … I see marijuana as a gateway drug.” He said that he is “seeing the same names … in 2015 for heroin” that he saw in the 1990s for marijuana.

“It looks to me like it’s just climbing the ladder,” he said. “That’s my opinion.”

He added that it is “imperative” to fight marijuana legalization in Ohio, which could be a “burden” to local businesses, especially in terms of Worker’s Compensation.

As an example, Horst said, a worker could “smoke a joint” during his lunch break. Afterward, “Is he safe to come back to work and run a punch press?” Horst asked.

The resolution also stated that Issue 3 “puts our children at risk by legalizing marijuana infused products like candy and cookies,” sets “high limits on personal possession of marijuana,” and “proposes to flood Ohio with marijuana.”

Finally, the resolution added that Issue 3 “poses severe public safety and workforce competitiveness concerns and will burden social service and drug treatment programs.”

Commissioners also passed resolutions supporting Issues 1 and 2.

According to the resolution, Issue 1 “ends the partisan process for drawing Ohio House and Senate districts, and replaces it with a bipartisan process with the goal of having district boundaries that are more compact and politically competitive.”

Issue 2 “ensures that Ohio’s constitution is not for sale and prohibits special interests from amending the constitution to create monopolies, oligopolies, or cartels,” the resolution says.

Commissioners added that their positions on the three issues are in alignment with the County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO).

Also on Wednesday, commissioners said they have received a total of 10 applications for the assistant director position at Job and Family Services (JFS). Commissioner Jeff Duncan said, “We’ll be reviewing those applications in the next week.”

Also on Wednesday, commissioners recognized the retirement of Susan Roades at JFS. They presented a proclamation acknowledging her service during a reception at the JFS office Wednesday afternoon.

In other business, commissioners said that improvements at the Hi-Tech Center are “moving along.”

They added that construction on Hobart/Carl Smith Drive is continuing “even though the weather’s not the best.”

The commissioners also said that Penn Township has withdrawn a petition to close an ally.

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Highland County Commissioners Jeff Duncan and Tom Horst are pictured during Wednesday’s meeting.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2015/09/web1_CommissionersSept30.jpgHighland County Commissioners Jeff Duncan and Tom Horst are pictured during Wednesday’s meeting. Sarah Allen|The Times-Gazette
But commissioners voice support for Issues 1, 2

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