Adams County man dies after tree stand breaks


An Adams County man has died following a broken tree stand and a 20-30 foot fall on Sunday, according to information released by Highland County Sheriff Donnie Barrera.

Gregory L. Burns was 60 years old, according to the sheriff’s office, and had gone out hunting earlier in the day. Barrera said that when Burns didn’t return later in the day, family members went searching for him, and around 8 p.m., the sheriff’s office received a call from Burns’ nephew that he had found his uncle in a field off Shaw Baker Road.

According to the news release, along with Highland County deputies, emergency personnel with Mowrystown Life Squad also responded to the scene. CPR was administered to Burns before he was transferred to Adams County Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The news release states that Burns had been deer hunting and was in a tree stand about 20 to 30 feet up when the stand broke “and fell from the tree with Mr. Burns in it.”

Barrera said Burns had been bow hunting and had not yet gotten his bow up into the tree with him before the tree stand broke.

According to Barrera, the matter remains under investigation.

For general questions or clarification, call the sheriff’s office at 937-393-1421. The Crime Tip Hotline of the Highland County Sheriff’s Office is 937-840-6243.

The Times-Gazette

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