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She’s 8 years old, has been placed in foster care and comes to Hillsboro because that’s the last known address of her only living relative besides her parents.

That’s the basis of the latest music video, “100 Percent Chance of Love,” by Hillsboro resident Terry Collins. A unique aspect of the video is that it’s being filmed partly in historic Bell’s Opera House in downtown Hillsboro.

Collins originally planned to shoot the video at several locations in Hillsboro, but before he did he went to talk to Hillsboro Mayor Drew Hastings and safety and service director Todd Wilkin to make sure he didn’t need permits or anything like that.

“We had talked about using the old marquee at the Colony Theater, but it’s looking kind of haggard with about half its lights are out,” Collins said. “Drew listened to the video, said he liked it and said, ‘Whatever I have, you’re welcome to use,’ and he offered to open the opera house if we desired,” Collins said.

Collins, his cast and Riddell Studios, which does all his recording work, were shooting last week and early this week in the opera house, built in 1895 by C.S. Bell. He said a drone was used in some of the footage.

“I almost passed it up. I didn’t even think about it, then I was driving through town and hit me that that would be a great place to record a video,” Collins said of the opera house.

This is not Collins first go at recording a music video. He has another video called “It’s Christmas” that you can hear by visiting tlc53 on Facebook or youtube and also has a 10-song CD. He said his videos all have a similar message.

“All my songs, in some form or another, are going to point back to the true meaning of Christmas – love, family and God,” Collins said.

He said the new video should be out on youtube in a couple weeks, but he’s shooting for an official release date on Thanksgiving Day.

The 8-year-old who’s the feature character in “100 Percent Chance of Love” is named Eliza. She’s been taking away from her parents who live in the south because of drugs. She has never saw snow, so when she arrives in Hillsboro she wants to know if there will be snow for Christmas.

She eventually runs into an elderly gentleman and asks him if there will be snow on Christmas. His response is that he does not know, but he’s 100 percent sure she’ll be loved on Christmas. She runs back to foster family home and grabs some cookies, then gives to them to the older man, and eventually he turns out to be her grandfather.

The whole video is set at various Hillsboro locations.

Collins said he had actors audition for the video from Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati. The cast includes Collins’ wife, Tricia, as an Ohio caseworker, and local real estate agent Jenny Hilterbran as a Texas caseworker.

Collins said he really hasn’t started marketing his videos yet. But he said some recording studios have expressed an interest.

“Typically, you’d like to get some type of return on your money to recover some of the costs, and that wouldn’t be a bad thing in the future,” Collins said. “But basically I’m just throwing it out there to people. The message of the video is what’s more important than anything.”

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Hillsboro resident Terry Collins poses inside Bells Opera House.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2015/10/web1_Tery-Collins-pic-2.jpgHillsboro resident Terry Collins poses inside Bells Opera House.

Staff members with Riddell Studios shoot footage of Hillsboro resident Terry Collins, foreground, inside Bells Opera House for his latest music video “100 Percent Chance of Love.”
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2015/10/web1_Terry-Collins-pic1.jpgStaff members with Riddell Studios shoot footage of Hillsboro resident Terry Collins, foreground, inside Bells Opera House for his latest music video “100 Percent Chance of Love.”
Hillsboro resident using Bell’s Opera House as music video backdrop

By Jeff Gilliland

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