Two sentenced to 90 days in jail


Two men appearing in Hillsboro Municipal Court on Wednesday received 90-day jail sentences, including one who also has a pending case for methamphetamine-related charges.

Court records showed that Brandon Gibson, 34, Hillsboro, appeared on a new charge, as well as two bench warrants.

One warrant involved an unclassified misdemeanor for driving on a suspension. The other was on a past conviction for obstructing official business. Gibson pled guilty to that charge in 2011, records show.

On Wednesday, a 90-day jail sentence was imposed on that case. Records state that Gibson “may be considered for (a) counseling furlough.”

Gibson also pled not guilty to first-degree misdemeanor theft. According to records, that case was filed with the court in July.

Pretrials for Gibson’s traffic and criminal cases are set for December. While they are pending, Gibson is prohibited from driving. Records add that he also has a “pending meth felony.”

Highland County Common Pleas Court records show that Gibson was indicted in January on a charge of third-degree felony illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs. A jury trial is set for Dec. 21.

Also sentenced to jail Wednesday was Nicholas Seely, 23, Hillsboro. He appeared on a warrant that was issued in May when he failed to appear for a review hearing.

According to records, he pled guilty to theft in January. A 180-day jail sentence was suspended on the condition that Seely stay away from Walmart. He was placed on reporting probation.

On Wednesday, Seely was found guilty of a probation violation and a 90-day jail sentence was imposed, records show. He can be furloughed on Nov. 12 with a negative drug screen. Seely must return to court on Dec 21. His probation was extended for another year.

In other cases, Charles Hall, 28, Hillsboro, failed to appear on third-degree felony charges of burglary and theft, as well as a charge of misdemeanor theft.

The Times-Gazette previously reported that Hall was charged after allegedly taking and selling guns and other items belonging to relatives.

On Wednesday, a $10,000 bench warrant was issued for his arrest, records show.

Also on Wednesday, deferred sentencings were scheduled for Noah Miller, 21, and Thomas Barden, 21, both of Peebles.

They were charged with first-degree misdemeanors theft and possession of criminal tools after allegedly using knives to open packages at Kmart, remove items, and then conceal those items, as previously reported.

Both were placed on $5,000 bonds Wednesday, records show. They can be released later this week on their own recognizance (OR) if they pass drug screens. According to records, Miller and Barden must report to the probation department to complete community service and a theft class. Barden must perform 80 hours of community service and Miller must perform 60. Both must forfeit their knives. They are also ordered to have no contact with Kmart and to observe a curfew.

Barden is scheduled to return to court for sentencing in February. Miller is scheduled for January.

A $5,000 bond was set for Jamie Lowe, 52, Hillsboro. He appeared on a bench warrant that was issued in 2011 after he failed to appear for a court trial, records show. He is charged with third-degree misdemeanor unlawful restraint.

If Lowe posts his bond, he must report to the probation department. He is ordered to have no contact with allegedly involved parties. A pretrial is set for Nov. 20.

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Hillsboro man appearing on warrant has pending meth case

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