What Christmas means to second-graders


Students in Mrs. Zimmerman’s second grade class at Fairfield Elementary School recently wrote notes describing what Christmas means to them. What they wrote follows:

Ashlyn Bellamy – Christmas to me is Jesus. Christmas is the birth of Jesus. The Lord is in my heart forever. Christmas means we get presents. I like the stuff Santa gets me, like toys. I like to play with them. It is fun to play with them and go to my grandma’s.

Zoey Carver – Christmas is a time for family, presents, friends, snowball fights, vacation and for the elf on the shelf to come back. Television shows Pooh and Elves, and Christmas. Christmas is also a time for Jesus’s birth. Christmas means to go see family and hanging up my favorite ornament that I made from preschool.

Rylan Conger – Christmas means that my family gets a Christmas tree. We decorate it together. Kids get presents at Christmas. We open presents that are under the tree. Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. People sometimes get to play with snow. If it does snow we go to our papaw’s and have a snowball fight.

Kaitlyn Eidenier – Christmas means a lot to me. We get presents to open. I make cookies for Santa Claus. I get to see my family and put icing on the cookies. My dad and I build a snowman. I get to go sledding with my mom, dad and sister also.

Geoffrey Funk – Christmas is when we get to put up our Christmas tree. It is a time when we do fun projects at school. I am thankful because Santa brings me presents. I leave him cookies and milk. Christmas is also the Lord’s birthday. On Christmas day I like to go outside and shoot my bow and arrow and have snowball fights. Christmas is a good time of year.

Kody Giles – To me Christmas means to spend time with family that we can’t spend a lot of time with. We unwrap the presents. I am happy to have my family together. Christmas means to spread cheer and fun too!

Garrett Haggerty – Christmas means that we will put up a Christmas tree at my house. It means that Santa comes. Christmas means I get presents all day and we go places to eat. My Mamaw Blinda and Grandma Rita give me games so that I can play with my X-box 360.

Icey Harrison – Christmas is the day that Christ was born, so that is why we have Christmas, we have it to celebrate him. Christmas means a lot to me. I love Christmas because I get to spend time with my family and give presents to my family. Then later I bake cookies with my mom and dad and my brother. After that I open my presents with my family. That is what Christmas means to me.

Ava Hooper – Christmas means a day to share with others. Before Christmas we are doing something with each day of advent. We open a little door every day and there’s a card with an activity to do and candy. Christmas means that I write a note to people in the family. Christmas also means a day to be thankful for my family and to see them. Sometimes on Christmas my dad has to shovel the driveway for my little dog. Christmas is not an ordinary day, it is a very, very, special day to me. I am very happy that we have it.

Liam Hughes – Christmas means opening presents. It also means playing in the snow and making snowballs. Then we get to have hot chocolate. We get monkey bread too and get to see parts of our family.

Kylee May – Christmas means a lot to me like spending time with my family at Build-a-Bear Workshop where I make a reindeer. When I open up my presents I feel happy. I wake up and see my elf for the last time this year. Christmas is special to me because Christ was born. I think that Christmas is a very special time of the year and that every child should get presents.

Ely Mustard – To me Christmas means to celebrate. I spend time with my family. We have snowball fights. We build snow castles and snow walls. I always think of Santa Claus, decorations, presents, toys, snow, and sleds at Christmas. I get to ride four-wheelers and my Razor in the snow too.

Abby Riley – Christmas means many things to me. Jesus is special to me at Christmas. I bake cookies and have a glass of milk for Santa. I put lights up with my family and I hang my special ornament on the tree. Finally, I get to open presents.

Carson Shepherd – Christmas means a lot of snow, lots of friends, winter break, lots of toys, and most all lots and lots and lots of family fun time! At our house we always put up the Christmas tree. It is also Jesus’ birthday. Christmas is Santa, snowmen, excitement, and fun in the snow too. Before bed on Christmas Eve my mom always tells us how close Santa is to our house because she has a “Santa Tracker” on her phone. Christmas is a great time of the year.

Emma Shoemaker – Christmas means that I get to spend time with my family. We get to put up the Christmas tree and then we decorate it. I get presents from Santa. I get to open presents with my family and I get to spend time with my grandma and grandpa.

Aiden Teeters – Christmas means that Jesus was born. I get to play in the snow. It is fun. Santa delivers presents. I get to spend time with my family and friends. We usually go sledding then afterwards we put ornaments on the tree.

Savannah Tolle – Christmas means I get to put up the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations. Christmas also means buying presents and putting up lights. We also have Christmas dinner. I always take time to take my dog out into the woods.

Josh White – Christmas means that we make cookies for Santa Claus and then open presents. One year I got a bow and arrow and a truck. We play bingo and other computer games. Mom, Dad, Grandma Tammy and Jimmy have a thanks giving prayer. This is what Christmas means to me.

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