HHS edged out by Wilminton, MT


The Hillsboro Indians traveled to Wilmington on Thursday afternoon for a tri-match wrestling match between Wilmington, Miami Trace and themselves.

The Indians made a decent run at Miami Trace but we unable to come away with the win, and were beaten soundly by the Wilmington squad.

The follwing are the team scores and individual results of the match:

Wilmington (58) vs Hillsboro (18)

(Wilmington wrestlers listed first)

106: Cameron Smart vs Dawson Carter; Carter pin 1:29

113: Sawyer Garrison won by forfeit

120: Jordan Pierce won by forfeit

126: Colin Greene vs Zak Klisz; Greene dec 8-1

132: Wilmington forfeits to Hillsboro

138: Jacob Boldman vs Wyatt Wilkin; Boldman dec 19-5

145: Isaac Allen won by forfeit

152: Scott Gehlbach won by forfeit

160: Allister Brausch vs Mason Stanley; Brausch pin 1:26

170: Bryant Bergefurd vs Austin Miller; Bergefurd 6-4 OT

182: RJ Tolliver vs Jed Asmus; Tolliver pin 2:00

195: Briten Kessler won by forfeit

220: Gage Smith vs Jared Conn; Smith pin 1:48

285: Wilm forfeit vs Lane Cluff/JJ Goldick

Wilmington (35) vs Miami Trace (45)

(Wilmington wrestlers listed first)

106: Cameron Smart wins by forfeit

113: Sawyer Garrison vs Wes Gandee; Garrison pin 2:26

120: Jordan Pierce vs Jaymon Flaugher; Pierce pin 1:42

126: Colin Greene vs Coby Hughes; Hughes pin 2:00

132: Wilm forfeits vs Gavin Moore

138: Wilm forfeits vs Dereck Moore

145: Isaac Allen vs Drake Litteral; Litteral pin 3:51

152: Scott Gehlbach vs Austin Lovett; Lovett pin 0:48

160: Allister Brausch vs Jacob Tinker; Brausch pin 2:21

170: Bryant Bergefurd vs Jack Anders; Bergefurd tech 17-1

182: RJ Tolliver vs Matthew Hottinger; Hottinger 5-4 UTB

195: Briten Kessler vs Jared Fenner; Kessler pin 1:37

220: Gage Smith vs Dalton Bartley; Bartley pin 2:20

285: Wilm forfeit vs Skyler Morris

Miami Trace (42) vs Hillsboro (33)

106: Timmy Chaney (MT) vs Dawson Carter (H); Carter pin 1:52

113: Wes Gandee (MT) by forfeit

120: Jaymon Flaugher vs (MT) by forfeit

126: Coby Hughes (MT) vs Zak Klisz (H); Klisz pin

132: Brandon King (MT) vs Chad Bieler; Bieler pin

138: Dereck Moore (MT) vs Wyatt Wilkin (H); Moore pin

145: Drake Litteral (MT) by forfeit

152: Austin Lovett (MT) by forfeit

160: Jacob Tinker (MT) vs Mason Stanley (H); Stanley pin

170: Jack Anders (MT) vs Austin Miller (H); Miller dec 6-4

182: Matthew Hottinger (MT) vs Jed Asmus (H); Asmus dec 12-11

195: Jared Fenner (MT) by forfeit

220: Dalton Bartley (MT) vs Jared Conn (H); Conn dec 6-4

285: Skyler Morris (MT) vs Lane Cluff (H); Morris pin 5:55

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Wyatt Wilkin wrestles in the 138 pound match with Wilmington’s Jacob Boldman.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2015/12/web1_Wilkin.jpgWyatt Wilkin wrestles in the 138 pound match with Wilmington’s Jacob Boldman. Mark Huber | Civitas Media Service

By Robert Stegbauer

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