Four sent to prison on violations


Five defendants this week admitted to violating their community control, and four of them are heading to prison while another is going to a residential treatment facility.

Marshall C. Smith, 33, of Greenfield, was sentenced this week in Highland County Common Pleas Court to 24 months in prison on third-degree felony illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs.

He was initially sentenced to community control and the STAR residential treatment facility in March 2014.

Court records show that a warrant was issued for his arrest in November 2014 when his whereabouts became unknown. That warrant, according to records, wasn’t served on Smith until December 2015.

Tiffany Norris, 28, Williamsburg, was sentenced on an illegal assembly charge to 18 months in prison.

She was first sentenced to community control and STAR on the third-degree felony about two years ago.

Bennie Mullins, 64, Hillsboro, was sentenced to nine months in prison for fifth-degree felony heroin possession.

He initially was sentenced to community control in August 2014 after pleading guilty to the charge.

Kathy Lee Burke, aka Kathy Lee Wiggins, 32, Winchester, was also sentenced to prison after admitting to violating her community control.

She pled guilty to fifth-degree felony heroin possession and was sentenced to probation in May 2014. Earlier this year she was ordered to complete the STAR program, records show.

Herman Quarles, 31, Hillsboro, was ordered to complete the STAR program for an illegal assembly charge.

Quarles pled guilty to the third-degree felony earlier this year and in August was sentenced to community control.

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One other defendant ordered to complete STAR

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