Teen sex offender released


A now 18-year-old convicted in Highland County Juvenile Court of a sex offense more than two years ago has been released from a treatment facility.

The teenage male was first ordered to treatment in 2013 for a charge of gross sexual imposition, an offense alleged to be committed against a small child. He went to another facility after the initial one due to a lack of parental custody, according to assistant prosecuting attorney Molly Bolek.

The 18-year-old is required to register as a Tier II juvenile sex offender as he was 16 years old when the offense was committed. He must register every six months for 20 years.

In other hearings, four students on Friday, including three teenagers and one 12-year-old, admitted to being truant from school. Each were ordered by the court to attend school without further unexcused absences or tardies and to comply with the rules of their respective educational institutions, or possibly face out-of-home placement.

Judgment on one of the teenagers went further as his current truancy case is not his first with the court. The 16-year-old is now on reporting probation and has a suspended commitment to detention.

A 14-year-old male admitted to being unruly and was placed on reporting probation, has a suspended commitment to detention, and must perform eight hours of community service.

A 16-year-old male, after being in detention for a couple weeks, was released back to his family this week.

He was initially put on community control for fifth-degree felony breaking and entering about a year ago, but a probation violation landed him in custody last month.

An infant child will remain in the temporary custody of Children Services following a hearing in the juvenile court this week.

The child was initially removed from his mother because of her drug use. The mother, now in prison, admitted previously that the child was a dependent child.

A dependent child is defined by Ohio law as: one who is homeless, destitute or lacking in adequate parental care through no fault of the child’s guardians; a child who lacks the adequate parental care due to the mental or physical condition of the child’s guardians; whose condition or environment is such as to warrant the state, in the interests of the child, in assuming the child’s guardianship.

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