Cops: Active meth lab in vehicle


A Greenfield man was among two people arrested last Friday when an active meth lab was found inside of a vehicle in the Walmart parking lot in Washington C.H.

At 12:45 p.m., the Washington C.H. Police Department received a report that a man and a woman were using drugs inside of a parked Honda Civic in the Walmart parking lot, 1397 Leesburg Ave. The complainant also provided the license plate number, according to police.

Two officers arrived on the scene and spoke to the suspects, who were identified as Allen R. West, 35, of Greenfield, and Taylor K. Jenkins, 20, of Waverly. While speaking with them, one of the officers saw drugs in plain view on Jenkins’ lap, reports said. Jenkins was removed from the front passenger seat of the vehicle and moved to the back seat.

West was also asked to exit the vehicle and he was patted down. At that time, officers located a meth lab inside of the vehicle. The two suspects were then immediately secured and taken to the police cruisers, reports said.

“We started taping off the area and had Walmart announce that any customers parked in row five needed to move their vehicles,” police said in their report.

The Washington C.H. Fire Department was called to the scene and Sgt. Rusty Lowe of the WPD also arrived to deactivate the meth lab so it could be safely removed. Within about an hour, Lowe disabled the one-pot meth lab.

Police also discovered that two other people inside Walmart had arrived at the store via the Honda Civic, according to reports. Further investigation revealed that those two had received a ride from West and Jenkins, but had no knowledge of the meth lab.

After West and Jenkins were charged, police learned that there had also been an 18-month-old child in the back seat of the vehicle during the transport of the two individuals who were provided a ride to Walmart.

“I want to thank the person, and you know who you are, that bothered to observe the suspicious activity and took the time to call the police to report it,” said Lt. Jon Long of the WPD. “This case is a perfect example of the citizens working in collaboration with the police to rid the community of dangerous drugs and drug dealers.”

Both West and Jenkins were charged with illegal manufacturing of drugs, a first-degree felony; illegal assembly or possession of chemicals used in the manufacturing of drugs, a second-degree felony; and endangering children and inducing panic, both first-degree misdemeanors. Jenkins was also charged with drug abuse, a fifth-degree felony.

Jenkins was being held in the Fayette County Jail on a $158,000 bond and West was being held on a $153,000 bond.

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Washington C.H. Police Department Sgt. Rusty Lowe disables a one-pot meth lab after removing it from a vehicle. C.H. Police Department Sgt. Rusty Lowe disables a one-pot meth lab after removing it from a vehicle.
Greenfield man one of two charged in WCH

By Ryan Carter

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