OSP says too many accidents at SR 32 intersections


Motorists running red lights, stop signs or failing to yield to traffic are causing far too many crashes in Ohio each year. In Brown County, a number of serious crashes, one of which resulted in the death of a driver, have occurred this year as a result of failing to yield to oncoming traffic. A large majority of these type of crashes have occurred at the crossing intersections on SR 32. The Ohio State Highway Patrol-Georgetown Post is urging all motorists to take their time, ensure that cross traffic is clear, and obey all traffic signs and signals.

“Drivers are urged to pay close attention to stop signs and signals when traversing Ohio’s roadways,” said Lt. McElfresh, Georgetown Post Commander. “They need to ensure the intersection is clear before entering it. If they don’t, tragic results can occur.”

To combat the problem, troopers from the Georgetown Post will be conducting a Problem Behavior Initiative (PBI) to specifically address the failure to yield violations that have resulted in crashes. This effort will run through the entire month of April.

Troopers will focus their enforcement efforts on those drivers who fail to stop at stops signs as well as those who fail to yield to oncoming traffic. Failure to yield enforcement will be the primary goal; however, aggressive driving habits such as speed and following too closely will be target as well.

To help prevent failure to yield crashes, drivers are reminded to:

• Slow down and take their time;

• Eliminate distractions, such as cell phones, when driving;

• Look both ways, and look both ways again, before entering an intersection;

• Signal every turn and lane change;

• Make a complete stop at stop signs and proceed cautiously;

• Yield to other drivers and be courteous.

For additional information, visit www.statepatrol.ohio.gov. There you can find state traffic laws and crash statistics for each county in Ohio.

Submitted by Lieutenant R. L. McElfresh, post commander, Ohio State Highway Patrol-Georgetown.

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