Bushido Club wins 38 trophies


Martial artist from southern Ohio recently converged on Lynchburg-Clay Middle School for the 33rd Annual Mannaka Ni Sangatsu Karate Tournament, one of the largest tournaments in southern Ohio.

The Cross County Bushido Martial Art Club collected 38 trophies total in the tournament and are as follows:

Lynchburg class:

Black belt – Nayomie Ludwick, third in Kata and Weapons

Brown Belt – Zachariah Fithen, second in Weapons, third in Kata; Garrett Willey, third in Weapons; Karly Bingaman, first in Weapins and third in Kata; Jaysun Mountjoy, third in sparring; Charles Mountjoy, first in Jujitsu, second in Sparring, second in Backfist and third in Weapons

Green Belt – Dustin Sova-Davy, second in Weapons ad Sparring; Alex Gibson, third in Weapons, Kata and Sparring; Maxine Ludwick, first in Weapons and Kata

White Belt – Keegan Anderson, first in Kata and Weapons and third in Backfist; Dianne Mountjoy, first in Weapons, second in Sparring, Kata and Jujitsu.

The Lynchburg Club is coached by Kyoshi Rick Ludwick, Master Bob Minton, Sensei Early Paul Sr. and Earl Paul Jr.

Highland County winners:

Ariel Kibbey, first in Weapons, second in Kata and Sparring; Darcie Kibbey, second in Weapons and Kata and third in Backfist; Anna Parker, first in Weapons and Kata and second in Backfist; Madison Chain, first in Sparring and Weapons and second in Kata.

The Highland Club is under the tutelage of Kyoshi Rick Ludwick and Sensei Nayomie Ludwick along with assistant instructor Maxine Ludwick.

Rick Ludwick and Bob Minton would like to thank everyone that attended for their support.

The Highland County Bushido class
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2016/04/web1_Karate-1.jpgThe Highland County Bushido class submitted photo

The Lynchburg Bushido class
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2016/04/web1_Karate-2.jpgThe Lynchburg Bushido class submitted photo

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