Greenfield man gets two years on first felony


A Greenfield man found guilty by a jury in February has been sentenced to prison for his first felony offense.

Jerry L. Souders, 43, was ordered in Highland County Common Pleas Court on Friday to serve 24 months in prison for the third-degree felony offense of failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer.

Souders, according to testimony in the February trial, in October of last year was seen by Greenfield Police Officer James Leeth driving a car. The officer said he knew the defendant did not have a license and attempted to pull him over.

Souders did not pull over and the officer pursued him, but eventually gave up the chase on secondary roads east of Greenfield in Ross County after speeds reached over 100 miles per hour.

Souders testified that he was not in Greenfield or driving the vehicle police pursued on that October day.

While the vehicle and driver were not apprehended, Leeth testified that he was “100 percent positive” it was Souders he saw driving the vehicle he pursued that day.

As to Leeth and other officers of GPD being able to recognize and identify him, Souders said in his own testimony in the February trial, “They should.”

While this is Souders’ first felony conviction, Judge Rocky Coss cited the nature of the offense, the danger posed to the public during the committing of the offense, and Souders’ “extensive” misdemeanor history as a basis for imposing a prison term.

In another hearing, Chase Lee Daugherty, 27, Greenfield, was sentenced to five years community control and was ordered to undergo substance abuse and mental health assessments following any recommended counseling. He was also ordered to be assessed by the Alternatives to Violence Center and follow any recommended counseling.

Daugherty pled guilty to fourth-degree felony domestic violence in March. He was initially charged with two counts of third-degree felony abduction.

Coss said Daugherty’s amount of time on community control and the assessments he is to undergo are due to the nature of the offense and the circumstances of the case.

The judge said that the victim in the matter requested that Daugherty be able to get help.

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5 years probation for defendant on domestic violence

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