Adena physicians receive national, state honors


A pair of Adena Health System’s Graduate Medical Education (GME) program directors have been recognized at the national and state level for excellence in medical education.

Judith Knoll is the program director for Adena’s Emergency Medicine Residency program. She has been named by the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians (ACOEP) its 2016 Benjamin A. Fields Mentor of the Year. The national award recognizes physicians who excel in their work with students and physician residents in the field of Emergency Medicine.

“Dr. Knoll has done a great job and has motivated a new generation in emergency medicine research,” said Dr. Christine Giesa, DO, president-elect ACOEP.

Knoll built Adena’s Emergency Medicine Residency program, which has developed into a robust program that is in great demand by competing residents from across the nation.

“It is the most extraordinary undertaking of my life, without a doubt,” said Knoll. “But the rewards are seeing the residents’ growth, knowing they are receiving an excellent education, and contributing the future of quality emergency health care.”

Additionally, Adena’s GME Medical Director David Towle was recently presented with the Ohio Osteopathic Association’s Dr. George L. Eckert, Jr. 2016 Mentor of the Year Award.

The award is presented to one physician who exemplifies a compassionate commitment in developing the next generation of physicians, and whose leadership serves as an example to follow.

“I am proud to have been an active part in the growth of Adena’s Medical Education program,” said Towle. “This award comes as I prepare to retire (in June), and it is a great parting gift from my statewide educators.”

Adena’s Graduate Medical Education program attracts nearly 200 medicals students each year, and its residency program has grown from just six physician residents in 2012, to nearly 50 this year. For the 2016 education year, Adena received more than 600 applications for a handful of openings in its residency program.

Submitted by Cindi Remy, Adena communications specialist.



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