Lynchburg Three Arts Club


The May 10 meeting of the Lynchburg Three Arts Club was held at the home of Wendy Johnson. The president, Johnson, opened the meeting by having the secretary read the minutes of several meetings. The Christmas meeting minutes were especially enjoyed.

Keeping with the theme of the club for this year, which is fashion, the roll call was answered by the members discussing their favorite shoes. Some wore their favorites, and alas, some had to throw their favorites away as they were wore out.

The officers for next year are: president, Colleen Mount; vice president, Denise Kuntz; secretary, Doris Randolph; treasurer, Becky Davidson; flower chairman, Nancy Lippert; and reporter, Nancy Shaffer.

The business meeting was adjourned and the club held the birthday raffle, which was won by Doris Randolph, Cathy Farkus and Nancy Shaffer.

The program for the evening was given by Johnson and was about the history of shoes. For a long time, the right and left shoe were exactly the same. It seems the more uncomfortable the shoe, the better the ladies liked them. Custom, beauty, materials, current events, history, wealth or lack of it influenced the styles and materials. Wendy ingeniously put part of her program on the television screen. It was a most enjoyable and entertaining program.

The hostess served delicious strawberry rhubarb pie to Wendy Johnson, Cathy Farkus, Denise Kuntz, Nancy Shaffer, Colleen Mount, Becky Davidson, Nancy Lippert and Doris Randolph.

Submitted by Nancy Shaffer, club reporter.

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