Hodsons will celebrate 70 years


Longtime Hillsboro residents Bob and Dorothy Hodson were celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on May 25. They were married May 25 1946, while Bob was still serving in the U.S. Navy.

Bob joined the Navy at the end of World War II and they were married the following year. After graduation from Ohio State, Bob was activated into the Marines during the Korean War and spent a year in North Carolina – the only time they ever lived outside of Highland County.

They have two sons, Jeff and David, and one daughter, Susan Rinehart.

Dave lives in Cornelius, N.C. with my wife, Judy, and have three children, Jarrett, Meredith and Laura Lee. Meredith has a son and daughter.

Jeff lives in Washington C.H with his wife, Phyllis, and they have two adult children, Nathan and Courtney.

Susan lives in Logan with her husband, Bill, and they two children, Lance and Tori.

“Mom and dad are amazing in so many ways. Their extraordinary dedication to each other over the decades is an example that we all should follow. My family has been blessed by their guidance and caring beyond that which I can express. I am very fortunate to have such special parents,” Jeff Hodson said

“There aren’t enough words to express the love and respect I have for mom and dad. They have consistently set an example for me to live by. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t speak with them. I am constantly learning from their example,” Susan Rinehart said.

“Mom and dad have always encouraged us to become involved in our communities and church. From the time I can remember they have supported us in whatever we endeavored to do. There was only one requirement and that was to be the best you can be. I only hope that Jarrett, Meredith and Laura Lee lead their families in the same manner that their grandparents have,” David Hodson said.

All reception is planned for a later date.

Submitted by Dave Hodson.

Hillsboro residents Bob and Dorothy Hodson will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on May 25.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2016/05/web1_Hodsons-pic.jpgHillsboro residents Bob and Dorothy Hodson will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on May 25.

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