FFA, 4-Hers attend quality meeting


The Fairfield FFA held its annual quality assurance meeting on May 31 with many 4-H and FFA members from Highland and surrounding counties in attendance.

By attending this meeting the members fulfilled their annual quality assurance requirements that say that they have to attend at least one quality assurance each year.

At the meeting the members were reminded to be gentle with their animals and make sure that they have the necessities for a healthy herd or a fair project. They were also shown the correct way to set up an emergency contact list for things like power outages, severe weather, or a fire.

The practices that were taught in this meeting should be followed at all times no matter if you are taking a project to the fair or you have a commercial herd to maintain. These practices, if practiced, will help the public’s peace of mind, and trust in the community and the American farmer.

Dale Back is the reporter for the Fairfield FFA.


By Dale Back

For The Times-Gazette

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