Garden club holds May meeting


President Nancy Baldwin called the May 24 meeting of the Hillsboro Garden Club to order at 7 p.m. with members standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call was answered by 14 members and the club welcomed one guest, Elizabeth Stritenberger from Leesburg. Minutes of the April meeting were read and approved.

Mary Smith exhibited a bloom from her beautiful yellow tree peony. A handout of tips on using Epsom Salts in your gardens and landscape was also distributed and discussed. In the vegetable garden, a solution of water and Epsom salts is great for speeding plant growth, making stronger plants, enhancing the sweetness and flavor of vegetables and increasing output. It can even deter pests. In the landscape, Azaleas, rhododendron, ferns, elephant ear plants and roses will benefit from a regular sprinkle of the solution around the base of the plants. Of course, the weed killer of two cups of Epsom salts plus one gallon of vinegar plus one quarter cup of Dawn liquid soap is a safe, natural and kid friendly way to eliminate weeds (avoid flowers). Eliminate slugs by sprinkling salts in areas they travel – they will soon be dead.

Three members and one guest attended the regional meeting in early May. The flower show had a chicken theme – “Something to Crow About.” Artistic design winners included Rose Marie Cowdrey, who took second place in “Sunnyside Up,” a predominately yellow design. Nancy Sonner placed second in “Little Red Hen,” a small design; and Larry Moore took first place in “The Chicken Coop,” using a chicken wire background. Sonner placed second in the horticulture division with her Dish Garden entry “A Sunken Garden.” This was a very good showing.

Other items discussed at this meeting were candidates for the Landscaping Recognition Awards, updates on needed repairs to Floral Hall, changes to the rules regarding the OAGC Regional Meetings, arrangements for the 2017 OAGC State Convention where part the Hillsboro club will have hosting duties. Following these discussions, the meeting was adjourned, and delicious refreshments were served by Nancy Baldwin and Mary Smith.

Sonner presented her program on “Container Gardening.” She showed a unique DIY construction project using stair risers as a base to create a multi-level way to grow many plants using a small area. On her “stairs” she grew flowers, herbs, and lettuce. In this way, animals were unable to reach the edibles easily. She also showed many everyday articles, such as plastic milk boxes, old bent-up buckets and old boots that could be recycled as containers. She encouraged everyone to look at items with new eyes before tossing them out.

Submitted by Carol Gorby, secretary.

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