Paint Creek will soon start business inspections


The Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District will soon begin conducting inspections of businesses to identify deficiencies that need addressed and allow fire department personnel “to map out the interior of your business to improve survivability and safety of our personnel as well should an emergency arise,” according to Branden Jackman, a firefighter and paramedic who serves as public information officer for Paint Creek.

While the business inspections are required, voluntary home reviews are also available, said Jackman.

In a press release, Jackman said, “When residents and business owners hear the word ‘inspection,’ negative connotations immediately come to mind. This couldn’t be further from the truth of the true intention of these onsite visits by fire department personnel to your place of business or home. Our goal at Paint Creek is to actually prevent us from having to do our job. By this we mean, the safer and more fire resistant we can make your home or business reduces the likelihood that you will ever require our professional services.”

In regard to the business inspections, Jackman said business owners should “know that we are a partner in you, your customers and your business’ safety. We’ll work hand in hand with you as a business owner to facilitate the inspection as well as any corrective actions that may be deemed necessary for the overall improvement of your safety.”

Jackman said, “Over the next few months, watch your mailbox as Paint Creek will be sending letters to all businesses within the district requesting the opportunity to perform an inspection and preplan of your business. Inspection Bureau members will then make contact to see what time is mutually beneficial to all involved to allow this inspection and preplan to take place in a timely manner. Included in the letter will be a list of items that are typically found wanting in an initial fire safety inspection.”

Even though the city of Hillsboro is not technically a member of the district, Paint Creek is required to conduct the business inspections in Hillsboro because of the contractual relationship between the district and the city, Jackman said Tuesday.

Jackman said the department will also be offering a Residential Life Safety Inspection Program for homes. He said the residential inspection program “is completely a voluntary program. The fire department holds no mandate to perform residential inspections but feel it’s our duty to protect life and property regardless of whether its public or private buildings. The residential inspection is non-binding and just provides residents of the district with suggestions on how they can better prepare and prevent fire or life safety emergencies from occurring in your home.”

Both the business and residential inspections are free of charge, said Jackman.

Jackman said the district “also offers many other outreach education classes to residents of the district to include CPR, First Aid, Fire Extinguisher Operation, Residential Life Safety Inspections, Fire Safety Presentations and station tours. Should you like to discuss any of these educational opportunities or to discuss any educational need your organization, business or civic group may require. Don’t hesitate to contact Paint Creek at 937-981-3394 and follow the voice prompts.”

Jackman quoted a mission statement that says it’s Paint Creek’s mission to “preserve and protect life and property, promote a safer community through prevention and education, and provide exceptional service by exceptional people with respect and compassion for all.”

“This is not only the mission statement of the Paint Creek Joint EMS & Fire District but also a way of life that the members of Paint Creek take to heart to serve and protect their fellow residents of the district,” said Jackman.

“You see the ambulance and fire trucks flying by on their way to an emergency scene but a good number of the public doesn’t realize the behind-the-scenes work that is done each and every day to safe guard the lives and property of district residents,” said Jackman.

Paint Creek Joint EMS & Fire District was created in 2009. It currently has three stations covering some 330 square miles in Highland, Ross, and Fayette counties. Paint Creek is a 24/7, 365 days a year staffed department.

The Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District will soon begin conducting business inspections in the district to address deficiencies and make safety recommendations. Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District will soon begin conducting business inspections in the district to address deficiencies and make safety recommendations. Gary Abernathy|The Times-Gazette
Home safety reviews also available

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