Local Gymnasts Selected for the USA National Team


On June 8-13, the Aerial’s Acrobatic Gymnastics Team competed in the 2016 USA Gymnastics Championships held in Providence, RI. This national competition and Olympic qualifier features the best gymnasts in acrobatic gymnastics, tumbling, trampoline, and rhythmic gymnastics in the United States, representing clubs from across the country. Over 1500 athletes, including 19 local athletes from Aerial’s, qualified through state and regional competitions to compete in the National Event.

Local gymnasts, Kendall Anderson (Clinton Massie), Kiley Allen (Blanchester), Olivia Bellamy (Leesburg-Fairfield), Ella Biscardi (Waynesville), Meri Grace Carson (Miami Trace), Megan Conover (Hillsboro), Emily Earley (Hillsboro), Kaylee Earley (Hillsboro), Kealey James (Blanchester), Cali Layne (Waynesville), Jayme Maynard (Hillsboro), Sammi Shepherd (Leesburg-Fairfield), Grace Vance (Wilmington), Ashleigh Weaver (Waynesville) all earned medals at this year’s National Championships Meet with Aerial’s bringing home 20 total medals.

In addition to the numerous medals earned, the Level 10 trio of Kiley Allen, Jayme Maynard, and Grace Vance were placed on the USA Age Group Development Team as three athletes that were identified as up and coming talent that could potentially represent the USA in International Competition in the next 12-24 months. The trio will attend the National Team Training Camp at the USA Olympic Training Center at Karolyi’s this fall.

“This is a huge honor for this trio to be placed on this National Team,” said Angie Layne, owner of Aerial’s Athletics. “Although we have had other athletes medal at Nationals and do very well, this is the first time in over 20 years that any athletes from Ohio have been placed on the National Team. I am very proud of the hard work these athletes put into the sport every week and the dedication of their families. It’s an honor to be their coach.”

Here is a list of the Aerials complete team results:

Level 10 Trio – Allen, Maynard, Vance 50.033 4th Place*

Level 10 Pair – E. Earley, Vance 42.367 SILVER

Level 9 Trio (16&0) – Anderson, Carson, E. Earley 49.200 BRONZE

Level 8 Trio (14-15) – James, Conover, Shepherd 49.357 5th Place*

Level 8 Pair (14-15) – Carson, Layne 47.567 10th Place

Level 7 Pair (14-15) – Anderson, Biscardi 25.367 4th Place*

Level 7 Pair (14-15) – Conover, James 25.333 5th Place*

Level 7 Pair (14-15) – Castillo, Shepherd 23.933 12th Place

Level 7 Pair (11&U) – K. Earley, Weaver 22.800 SILVER

Level 6 Pair (12-13) – S. Earley, Strider 16.133 17th Place

Level 6 Pair (11&U) – Bellamy, Woodruff 17.333 9th Place

Level 6 Trio (12-13) – Strider, Ward,Woodruff 17.033 8th Place

Level 6 Trio (11&U) – Bellamy, Biscardi, Layne 17.900 BRONZE

*6th place and higher at Nationals earn Medals.


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