57th fair queen contest on tap


Photo: Kaylee Achor, the 2014 Highland County Fair queen, pins a sash on 2015 fair king Lane Frost during last year’s queen and king contests. Also pictured are Lauren Grover, left, and king’s attendant Ryan Mathews, right.

By Jeff Gilliland – [email protected]

The 57th annual Highland County Fair Queen Contest and second annual king contest will be held Sept. 3 and applications are being accepted.

The 2016 Highland County Fair runs Sept. 3-10.

The queen and king contests will be held at 1 p.m. in the Multipurpose Building and are open to any Highland County boy or girl who is a member of 4-H, FFA, FFCLA, Farm Bureau Youth, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc., and is 15-19 years of age. Contestants must have turned 15 by Jan. 1, 2016.

There is no monetary award or scholarship for the winners, but Kristen (Jenkins) Satterfield, the 2006 Highland County Fair queen who is now the contest superintendent, said there are many benefits to being queen or king other than the silver tray, crown and sash the queen receives.

“Kids who run for queen or king are usually passionate about some part of the fair to begin with, so it gives them a chance to show that passion and to promote something they care a lot about,” Satterfield said. She said it also gives them a chance to visit places and meet people they probably never would have, and helps prepares them to be successful later in life.

The winner is required to represent the Highland County Fair at the Ohio State Fair and other fairs and parades around the state. The queen and king are also required to preside over most all activities at the 2016 county fair.

Contestants are judged on poise and conduct, their application, a personal interview with the judges, and an oral presentation on this year’s fair theme – Blue Jeans and Country Jeans.

Applications can be picked up at at the Highland County Extension Office, 112 Gov. Foraker Place, Hillsboro. The deadline to turn applications back in is Aug. 18. No late applications will be accepted.

For more information about the king or queen contest call Satterfield at 937-763-4555.

For more information about the Highland County Junior Fair, contact coordinator Jana Holbrook at 937-402-6219.

Listed below are the past winners of the fair queen and king contests. Some former queens are listed by both their maiden and married names, while others are not:

Highland County

Fair past queens

1960 – Kay Brown

1961 – Anna Ross Moris

1962 – Martha Bellison Wright

1963 – Gloria Turner Roush

1964 – Tana Lucas

1965 – Connie Shelley Cummings

1966 – Jean Sprinkle

1967 – Susan Grimsley DePont

1968 – Carol Watts

1969 – Patty Lucas

1970 – Colleen McMullen

1971 – Charlene Dean

1972 – Christa Edwards Davis

1973 – Sherri Minton Hertlein

1974 – Kathy Hagan

1975 – Debbie Glaze Pence

1976 – Rindy Burton Brooks

1977 – Amy Bohrer Barnett

1978 – Billi Jo Hackney

1979 – Kristin Long

1980 – Kim Long

1981 – Tammy Bingamon

1982 – Mary Beth Burton

1983 – Kathie Flach

1984 – Kim Carmean

1985 – Pam Ames

1986 – Angel Fleming

1987 – Jill Burgess

1988 – Amy Hartman

1989 – Julie Rittenhouse

1990 – Randi Hamilton

1991 – Barbie Snodgrass

1992 – Susan Crawford

1993 – Brenda Davis

1994 – Jennifer Roehm

1995 – Kristi Fawley

1996 – Jamie Marie Sponcil

1997 – Lora West

1998 – Linsey Erin Griffith

1999 – Marcy Yochum

2000 – Jessica Frazer

2001 – Abby Yochum

2002 – Danielle Kinzer

2003 – Ellen Davis

2004 – Lynette Hamilton

2005 – Jennifer Daye

2006 – Kristen Jenkins

2007 – Debbie Cook

2008 – Katrina Michael

2009 – Emmy Jenkins

2010 – Tiffany Satterfield

2011 – Amie Griffith

2012 – Courtney Michael

2013 – Tara Karnes

2014 – Kaylee Achor

2015 – Emily Burwinkel

Highland County

Fair past kings

2015 – Lane Frost

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