HPD looks for ‘grey hoodie’ theft suspect


The Hillsboro Police Department is looking for a suspect in a number of thefts who has usually been seen wearing a grey hoodie.

In a press release, police said, “Over the past few weeks officers from the Hillsboro Police Department have been looking for a suspect or suspects in connection to several thefts or breaking and enterings. The suspect has been seen wearing a grey hoodie. We believe that it is the same suspect in most of the calls. Almost every incident happened in the southern portion of the city, south of Main Street.”

Police said they receive “calls from time to time in regards to thefts but these incidents are more concerning than normal. During the night the suspect will find homes that are unlocked and enter them even if the resident is home. The suspect has been seen inside a few of the homes by the residents. Some also report smelling cigarette smoke. If this is not common to your residence call us immediately.”

Police said they have increased patrols in those areas along with other measures to apprehend the subject.

“Please remember to lock your doors to your home and your vehicles,” police said. “We are asking that if anyone sees anything suspicious to please call the police department immediately at 937-393-3411. You can also dial 911 and the sheriff’s office can transfer your call to us.”

The Times-Gazette

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