Updated: JFS adoption coordinator allegedly falsified records


An adoption coordinator for Highland County Jobs and Family Services has been fired after an allegation that she deliberately falsified records including timesheets, time clock cards, reports, allowance forms, employment application record, purchase orders and receipts, and falsifying accident reports.

According to JFS, Ronda McAdams was first placed on suspension without pay and given a notice of intent to discharge from employment after the issue first arose, and then was terminated on July 22.

Evidence against McAdams has been turned over to the Highland County Sheriff’s Office for further investigation, according to Katie Adams, director of Highland County JFS.

A statement sent by Adams on Wednesday says that “on July 13, 2016, Ronda McAdams, Adoption Coordinator for Highland County JFS was placed on suspension without pay and given notice of Intent to Discharge From Employment.”

Adams said that a disciplinary hearing held by an independent hearing office was held on July 15 the following alleged violation:

“This action is being sought for a violation of Section 5.03(A)(1) Work Rules of the Highland County Personnel Policies and Procedure Manual. Per the policy and procedure manual: Group One offenses are categorized as the most serious infractions, which cause critical disruption to the County in terms of decreased productivity, efficiency, and/or morale. The following are Group One offenses: 1. Deliberate falsification of Highland County records, including but not limited to timesheets, time clock cards, reports, allowance forms, employment application records (including medical records), purchase orders and receipts and falsifying accident reports.”

Adams said that in a Letter dated July 22, 2016, the independent hearing officer concluded that “the Group One Offenses that were confirmed through testimonial and documented records would result in termination.”

Adams said that “upon receipt of the hearing officer’s recommendation Ms. McAdams was terminated,” with termination being official July 22.

Adams said the matter has been turned over to the Highland County Sherriff’s Office for further investigation and possible charges. She said while she was unable to discuss case specifics due to the investigation, she said McAdams had been employed with JFS for approximately four years in the same position, and that the vacancy would be posted internally and then externally if a candidate for the job cannot be identified internally.


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