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The McClain High School Lady Tigers opened South Central Ohio League play with a 46-42 loss Saturday night against the Wilmington High School Hurricane.

Beth Montgomery, who was 4 for 5 from the free throw line, had 16 to lead McClain while Makenzie Montavon had 12.

Malea Montavon, who finished with 8 points came right out of the blocks with a 3-pointer that sparked the Tigers to a 9-0 run at the start of the game. It wasn’t until a little over 1:30 left in the quarter that the Hurricane was able to score its first points.

After getting off to a slow start, Wilmington managed to take the lead (18-17) with 3:40 left in the second quarter.

Both teams came out of the locker room ready to go at the start of the second half but forced turnovers and excellent ball movement gave Wilmington a 10-0 surge at the end of the period that allowed them to take the lead 34-32 with one period remaining.

McClain tied the game early in the fourth and lead changes were numerous in the quarter until Wilmington’s Faith Sanderson hit a 3-pointer with less than 3:00 to play.

A steal and layup along with a 3 pointer from Wilmington took their lead to 46-40. Montgomery added 2 points late in the game but it wasn’t enough to overcome the 6-point deficit.

WHS took the win at 46-42.



Wilmington — 04 18 12 12 — 46

McClain — 11 15 06 10 — 42

WHS: Jackson: 8(3)-19, Sanderson: 3(1)-7, Edingfield: 1-2, Frisco: 4-2-10, J. Jamiel: 2(1)-3-8

TOTALS: 18-5-5-46

MHS: Montgomery: 6-4-16, Stegbauer: 2-4, Malea Montavon: 3(2)-8, Barton: 1-2, Makenzie Montavon: 5-2-12

TOTALS: 17-2-6-42

Hillsboro girls beat EC 53-46

The Hillsboro Lady Indians took the win Saturday afternoon against the East Clinton Astros with a final score of 53-46.

Both teams started the game with 11-point gains, keeping the score tied until the second quarter when Hillsboro took 15 points to EC’s 12.

By the half, the Lady Indians had a 3-point lead at 26-23.

The Astros took the lead in the third quarter, keeping the Lady Indians at a 5-point gain while scoring 12 for themselves and bringing the score to 35-31 with East Clinton ahead by 4.

In a tight fourth quarter, Hillsboro brought it back around by doubling East Clinton’s gain 22-11.

The Lady Indians finished things off with a 53-46 win.



Hillsboro — 11 15 5 22 — 53

East Clinton — 11 12 12 11 — 46

ECHS: Peterman: 2(1)-7, Campbell: 3-1-7, Lilly: 2(2)-2-10, Durbin: 2-1-5, Davis: 4-1-9, Christian: 3-6, Hall: 1-2

TOTALS: 17(3)-3/12-46

HHS: Sullivan: 4-8, Burns 3-6, Grover: 1-2-4, Marsh: 5(1)-6-19, Moberly: 1-1, Burns: 6-3-15

TOTALS: 19(1)-12-53

Whiteoak loses to Gamble 52-34

The Whiteoak Wildcats boys team lost to the Gamble Montessori High School Gators Sunday afternoon at the Ohio Valley Hoops Classic at Southern State Community College.

Whiteoak took the lead in the first quarter with an 8-point gain to Gamble’s 6, but lost it in the second quarter when Gamble scored 19 points to the Wildcats’ 14. By the half, the score had Gamble in the lead at 25-22.

Gamble kept the lead for the rest of the game, keeping Whiteoak at a 3-point gain in the third quarter and scoring 15 for themselves, then finishing things off in the fourth quarter with a 20-point gain over Whiteoak’s 12.

The game ended with Gamble on top 60-37.



Gamble — 6 19 15 20 — 60

Whiteoak — 8 14 3 12 — 37

Whiteoak: Ross: 1-2, Carr: 1-2, Ruckel: (2)-6, Hamilton: 3(1)-4-15, Ison: 2-4, Yeager: 4-1-9

TOTALS: 10(4)-5-37

Gamble: Allen 4(2)-4-18, Bowers: (1)-3, Crowder: 1(2)-1-9, Andrews: 5(2)-16, McCants: 5-10, Lipscomb: 2-4

TOTALS: 17(7)-5-60

David Wright is the sports editor for The Times-Gazette. He can be reached at 937-402-2570.

Whiteoak’s Trevor Yeager tries to snag the ball Sunday afternoon at Southern State Community College.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2016/12/web1_GM_AllenWO_TrevorYeager.jpgWhiteoak’s Trevor Yeager tries to snag the ball Sunday afternoon at Southern State Community College.
‘Canes pound McClain, Lady Indians beat EC

By David Wright and Seth Murdock

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