LCHS girls beat Williamsburg


An enthusiastic crowd saw another home win for Lynchburg-Clay High School Wednesday night when the Lady Mustangs charged to an 82-53 win against Williamsburg High School, taking LCHS to a 9-1 overall record for the season.

Peyton Scott lead the Mustangs to a strong start, scoring 5 points in the first 30 seconds of the game. Casey Conner answered for the Wildcats with two conversions, taking the score to 5-2 with the Mustangs in the lead before the clock hit seven minutes.

Lynchburg shot to a 10-point lead in the next six minutes, with Hannah and McKayla Binkley scoring 4 points apiece while Scott and Lexi Waits each took 2-point shots and Sam Kirby made a conversion.

Chloe Durham took a 2-pointer with a minute and a half on the clock that thinned the Mustangs’ lead, but McKayla Binkley put a stop to that action with a 2-pointer 30 seconds later, taking the score to 22-12 with a minute on the clock.

Durham and Jessica Chase each scored 2-pointers in the last 40 seconds, again thinning the Mustangs’ lead, but Scott hurled a 3-point buzzer beater that brought the score to 25-16 for the first quarter with the Mustangs in the lead.

The second quarter saw Lexi Waits respond to a Williamsburg layup with two speedy 2-pointers in 15 seconds, taking the score to 29-18 at 6:30 for the half.

Lynchburg-Clay managed to kick their lead up to 12 points in the third quarter despite a strong effort from Williamsburg. The first half came to a climactic close when Hannah Binkley made the Mustangs’ second 3-point buzzer beater of the night in the last split second of the quarter, taking the score to 41-29 at the half with Lynchburg still on top.

The second half started with Kirby and Hannah Binkley scoring 4 points for the Mustangs in the first 40 seconds. Lynchburg carved out an 11-point gain in the next four minutes, with McKayla Binkley hitting a sweet 3-pointer just past the four-minute mark, taking the Mustangs’ lead to 20 points at 56-36. Waits scored 4 points in the next two minutes, and a successful conversion from Kirby cranked the Mustangs’ lead up to 25 points with two minutes on the clock for the third quarter and 61-36 on the scoreboard.

Kirby made a 3-point shot and and Scott scored a 2-pointer in the last 25 seconds of the quarter, taking the score to 66-40 with the Mustangs ahead by 26 points.

No one scored for the first two minutes of the final period until Scott came out with a 2-pointer. The Wildcats answered with a 3-pointer and tried to creep back with some hard pressure, but it wasn’t enough to stall the Mustangs, who ran away with a 16 point gain for the quarter thanks to strong shooting from Hannah Binkley, Scott, Kirby and Waits.

The game ended with Lynchburg on top 82-53.

Hannah Binkley led scoring for the Mustangs with 22 points.

“I thought we came out and played really well. Our intensity was good,” said head coach Whitney Lewis. “When you hit a shot at the buzzer, it’s not only points on the board, but it gives everybody in the stands and on the bench a bit of a boost, and I think that rolled with us into the second half.”

The LCHS girls now hold a 9-1 overall record, 5-o in conference.

The Lady Mustangs will travel to Hillsboro High School Dec. 29 to challenge the Indians at 7:30 p.m.


Lynchburg-Clay — 25 16 25 16 — 82

Williamsburg — 16 13 11 13 — 53

LCHS: Blankenship 2(1)-1/3-8; Waits 5(1)-3/5-16; Scott 6(2)-18; H. Binkley 5(4)-22; M. Binkley 3(2)-6/6-18

Totals: 21(10)-10/14-82

WHS: Hart 2-4; Chase 4(2)-4/6-18; Durham 2-4; Fisher (2)-6; C. Conner 4-3/4-11; Brown 1-2; Chase 4-8

Totals: 17(4)-7/10-53

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Peyton Scott launches a shot for the Lady Mustangs at Lynchburg-Clay High School Wednesday night. Scott launches a shot for the Lady Mustangs at Lynchburg-Clay High School Wednesday night. David Wright | The Times-Gazette
Now 9-1 overall, still undefeated in conference

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