Our View: Preserving part of Greenfield’s past a commendable effort


A pair of vintage field guns that have ceremoniously stood guard at the Greenfield City Building for several decades were recently repaired and refurbished.

As reported in Thursday’s Times-Gazette, village council member Betty Jackman led an effort to repair the cannon-like guns after she noticed their state of disrepair.

“I wanted to get them fixed because they were falling apart,” Jackman said Wednesday.

Greenfield City Manager Ron Coffey said the wheels on the guns were rotting away and that it was Jackman who first brought the idea of repairing them to the attention of village officials.

“We said we have to get after that, and the next thing I know the guns were sitting there on blocks,” Coffey said.

Greenfield Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4736 agreed to pay for half of the approximately $1,200 repair bill, and village staff members helped locate a wheelwright with the skills to make the repairs.

The repairs were made by Levi Hershberger, who Coffey said he believes is a member of the local Amish community.

Government buildings in Highland County, as well as across Ohio and elsewhere in the United States, often feature relics that pay tribute to the past. Without constant vigilance, they can become forlorn and dilapidated.

We commend Betty Jackman for leading the effort to make sure two examples of iconic Greenfield history were restored to their former glory, and we thank the Greenfield Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4736 for picking up half the cost. Good work.

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