Our View: Businesses should consider this intern program


Josh Montgomery, assistant professor of computer science, and Amy McClellan, academic service specialist at Southern State Community College, addressed Hillsboro Rotarians on Tuesday, describing the Ohio Means Internships and Co-ops program.

According to program information, the purpose of Ohio Means Internships is “an investment of state and private dollars to increase the number of internships and co-ops for employers and students in key industries to close the skills gap, increase student completion, and give Ohio a competitive advantage in the global human capital talent marketplace.”

Benefits to employers who participate in the program include being eligible for 50 percent salary reimbursement for interns for up to 400 hours, and “providing learning opportunities for college students in high-demand, high-wage industries.”

Montgomery said that about 100 students so far have been placed in internships in the Southeast region, and the college has worked with 18 regional employers.

The Ohio Means Internships and Co-ops program is a win-win for students and businesses alike. We encourage area businesses to consider participating in this innovative project. Businesses interested in exploring the possibility of becoming part of the program can contact Montgomery by email at [email protected].

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