Our View: Smart for commission to reappoint Wilkin as president


Shane Wilkin was reappointed as president of the Highland County Board of Commissioners this week, a good move by his fellow commissioners, Jeff Duncan and new member Terry Britton.

Wilkin was recently re-elected to his third term as a county commissioner. Since he ran unopposed in both in the 2016 Republican primary and in last November’s General Election, his race was low profile, and he was not afforded the opportunities to talk about his accomplishments and management successes in the same way he would have had he faced an opponent.

But make no mistake, Wilkin has long been a driving force of the county commission, frequently representing the county in meetings in Columbus and elsewhere, and serving as the commission’s primary liaison with state and federal leaders such as Speaker of the House Cliff Rosenberger, State Sen. Bob Peterson, and key contacts in the office of Congressman Brad Wenstrup and U.S. Sen. Rob Portman.

Wilkin is responsive to the public and follows up regularly on pending issues. He spends many hours in the county office. Despite his relatively young age, he is now the senior commissioner, and his fellow commissioners made a wise move by reappointing him as commission president.

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