Our View: Elections are time for affirmation or for change


In Highland County, the only partisan races on the ballot this year are for Hillsboro City Council, council president and city treasurer, and Republican or Democratic party candidates for those offices must file their petitions by Feb. 1. All other races that will be on the ballot in November are considered nonpartisan, with a May 1 filing deadline for the General Election (the later deadline also applies to anyone running as a nonpartisan candidate for a Hillsboro city office).

It is important to remember that elections are the vehicles that are specifically designed to initiate change or reconfirm the status quo – not by other means when an election outcome is not to the satisfaction of a few, as we saw happen locally last year and have seen nationally from some quarters since November’s presidential election.

Our democracy functions best when voters have choices at election time. Voters are not well-served with a ballot offering only one option. The terms to which people are originally elected are the only time in office that is promised to them. When that term ends and an officeholder seeks re-election, voters deserve the option of either casting a ballot for that candidate as an affirmation of a job well done, or having an alternative to cast a vote for a change.

Whether it’s this year or another year sometime in the future, we encourage all citizens who have a passion for their community and a desire for positive progress to consider offering their service for elected public office, especially at the local level, where they become part of the government that is closest to the people. Any questions about eligibility, offices on the ballot or any other election issues can be directed to the Highland County Board of Elections at 937-393-9961.

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