Farm Bureau kick off event at YMCA


The Highland County Farm Bureau is kicking off a membership campaign next month by holding a meeting, and not only are current members encouraged to attend, but so are nonmembers who are interested in the bureau.

The kick off event for the Farm Bureau’s 2017 membership campaign, called “Together with Farmers,” is set for Feb. 19 at 2 p.m. at the Highland County YMCA, 201 Diamond Dr., Hillsboro.

“You do not need to be a farmer to be involved in Farm Bureau. Agriculture affects many of us in the area and Farm Bureau works at the local, state and national levels to better rural communities, improve agricultural profitability and to protect property owner’s rights,” according to information from the organization.

The Feb. 19 meeting will center on discussion about where the organization is and where it needs to go for the future. Also planned for discussion are ways the organization can grow its membership and create opportunities that benefit members and agriculture in the area.

According to Farm Bureau member Ken Friedman, the purpose of the Farm Bureau is “to promote rural communities.”

The organization looks out for the best interests of those in agricultural communities, he said, and is continually working to make sure the voices of farmers and property owners are heard.

“Farm Bureau is led by its members,” a press release said, and members are encouraged to become involved in the local organization.

Incentives for current members to bring in new members will be awarded at the kick off event. If a member brings in one new membership, that member will receive half off their membership fee. If a current member brings in two or more new memberships to the event, that member will have their own membership paid in full for the year. And to further encourage getting friends and neighbors to join, other prizes will be given away at the event.

Food and refreshments will be provided and the YMCA gym and pool will be available for use for those attending, according to the press release.

The event is free and open to current membership and those interested in the Farm Bureau. Those planning to attend should RSVP no later than Feb. 15. However, Friedman said that nonmembers looking to join are more than welcome to attend the event even if they have not RSVP’d.

To RSVP for the event, call 888-378-2212 or 937-378-2212.

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You don’t have to be a farmer to be involved

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