Our View: Congrats to GOP, Dems for fielding city candidates


Congratulations to both the Republican and Democratic parties in Highland County for fielding a strong lineup of candidates for City of Hillsboro offices in the coming election.

Come November, voters will have both Republicans and Democrats on the ballot for all four council ward races, and will have four candidates from which to choose for the three available at-large council positions. In addition, there will be a contested race for city treasurer. It is also impressive that among the candidates are people representing different demographics, genders and races.

Further, there is still an opportunity until May 1 for unaffiliated candidates to sign up for city races. Those considering such a run should check with the local board of elections to make sure they qualify as non-partisan candidates.

Elections are only truly effective when voters are presented with a choice at the ballot box. Whether voters decide to return incumbents to their seats, give their nod to newcomers, or vote for a mix of both, what’s important is that they will have choices.

We commend all the candidates who have stepped forward to offer themselves for public service. Deciding to run for office is a courageous and difficult decision. For many candidates, it requires them to step outside of their comfort zones. We applaud the candidates for city offices in this year’s election, as well as all citizens who step up to offer their service to their communities in whatever offices they may seek.


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