Wrestling sectional tourney results


The Hillsboro and McClain wrestling teams hit the mats Friday and Saturday in Washington Court House for the Division II Sectional Tournament, finishing seventh and 11th out of 11 teams, respectively.

The top four wrestlers in each weight class will advance to the district tournament next weekend at Wilmington High School.

Team scores

1. Circleville 171.5

2. Miami Trace 163.5

3. Logan Elm 155.0

4. Clinton-Massie 148.0

5. WCH Washington 110.0

6. Unioto 105.0

7. Hillsboro 99.0

8. Wilmington 95.0

9. Waynesville 81.0

10. Bellbrook 68.0

11. McClain 59.0

Individual scores

First Place

126 Ben Sherrill (Bellbrook) dec. Dawson Carter (Hillsboro) 10-6

138 Keegan Rawlins (McClain) pin Trevor Lewis (Unioto) 1:51

285 Trevor Hicks (WCH Washington) pin Lane Cluff (Hillsboro) 1:32

Third Place

113 Cameron Smart (Wilmington) dec. Quinton Smith (McClain) 9-6

145 Robbie Fredrick (Clinton-Massie) dec. Wyatt Wilkin (Hillsboro) 9-5

170 Jack Anders (Miami Trace) pin Austin Miller (Hillsboro) 4:52

195 Ethan Taylor (McClain) dec. Deegan Boris (Hillsboro) 1-0

220 Sam Brothers (Clinton-Massie) pin Jared Conn (Hillsboro) 3:05

Fifth Place

152 Cordell Covault (Hillsboro) pin Brock Speaks (Clinton-Massie) 4:51

160 Ethan Stewart (WCH Washington) def. Phil Waters (McClain) Default

Consolation Semifinal

Quinton Smith (McClain) pin Chase Watts (Logan Elm) 3:09

Wyatt Wilkin (Hillsboro) dec. Thomas Foster (Waynesville) 4-2 OT

Chris Conger (WCH Washington) dec. Cordell Covault (Hillsboro) 2-1

160 James Munro (Miami Trace) pin Phil Waters (McClain) 2:57

Austin Miller (Hillsboro) pin Caleb Hartley (Logan Elm) 1:26

195 Deegan Boris (Hillsboro) pin Robert Busey (Circleville) 2:57

Ethan Taylor (McClain) dec. Jaimie McCane (WCH Washington) 5-1

220 Jared Conn (Hillsboro) pin Patrick Broderick (Bellbrook) 0:53

Third Consolation

Peyton Bennett (Logan Elm) pin Tyler Rumpke (Hillsboro) 1:27

Dylan Murphy (Miami Trace) pin Chad Bieler (Hillsboro) 2:48

Wyatt Wilkin (Hillsboro) pin Bladeth Leamon (Miami Trace) 2:42

Cordell Covault (Hillsboro) dec. Matthew Billock (Bellbrook) 9-4

160 Phil Waters (McClain) dec. Sean Caris (Bellbrook) 4-3

Ethan Stewart (WCH Washington) dec. Mason Stanley (Hillsboro) 5-2

182 Timothy Diamond (Unioto) dec. Richard Adkins (Hillsboro) 5-4

220 Patrick Broderick (Bellbrook) pin Kai Borrelli (McClain) 1:56


Matt Asher (Clinton-Massie) pin Quinton Smith (McClain) 0:45

126 Dawson Carter (Hillsboro) dec.* Tyler Matthews (Circleville) 9-6

138 Keegan Rawlins (McClain) pin Braeden Butler (Logan Elm) 0:25

Avery Collins (Waynesville) dec. Austin Miller (Hillsboro) 3-2

195 Jared Fenner (Miami Trace) pin* Deegan Boris (Hillsboro) 2:53

Nick Vagnier (Logan Elm) pin* Ethan Taylor (McClain) 4:47

220 Garrett Mitchel (Logan Elm) pin Jared Conn (Hillsboro) 1:13

Lane Cluff (Hillsboro) dec. Colin Wolffe (Miami Trace) 3-0

Second Consolation

120 Ashten Moody (Unioto) pin Dawson Immel (McClain) 4:37

132 Tyler Rumpke (Hillsboro) dec. Jason Martin (Clinton-Massie) 8-5

160 Phil Waters (McClain) dec. Kyle Rodriguez (Waynesville) 6-1

Mason Stanley (Hillsboro) dec. Christian Algoe (Logan Elm) 6-3


Quinton Smith (McClain) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye

Travis Foster (Waynesville) maj. dec.* Dawson Immel (McClain) md15-4

126 Dawson Carter (Hillsboro) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye

132 Coby Hughes (Miami Trace) pin* Tyler Rumpke (Hillsboro) 0:33

138 Keegan Rawlins (McClain) pin Chad Bieler (Hillsboro) 1:10

Robbie Fredrick (Clinton-Massie) dec. Wyatt Wilkin (Hillsboro) 11-8

Caleb Linton (Logan Elm) pin Cordell Covault (Hillsboro) 1:44

160 Ben Davenport (Unioto) pin* Mason Stanley (Hillsboro) 3:07

Ross Lennon (Clinton-Massie) dec.* Phil Waters (McClain) 8-3

Austin Miller (Hillsboro) maj. dec.* Seth Duvall (Circleville) md10-2

Bowen McConahay (Logan Elm) dec. Richard Adkins (Hillsboro) 3-0

Deegan Boris (Hillsboro) pin Jaimie McCane (WCH Washington) 1:22

Ethan Taylor (McClain) pin Robert Busey (Circleville) 3:47

Jared Conn (Hillsboro) pin Nick Robinette (Unioto) 4:55

Ben Davis (Circleville) pin Kai Borrelli (McClain) 2:35

Lane Cluff (Hillsboro) pin Chris Roberts (Unioto) 1:43

First Round

138 Keegan Rawlins (McClain) pin Austin Downs (Circleville) 1:36

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By David Wright

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