Greenfield library manager retiring


The Highland County District Library is celebrating the career of Greenfield Branch Manager Margaret Magee.

She is retiring after 26 and a half years of working as a librarian. Magee started her career in Leesburg. She has also worked at the Hillsboro library, which included time in the children’s area. Magee later became the branch manager in Greenfield, a position she has held for 22 years.

“Margaret has worked for the Highland County District Library for over 25 years,” said Highland County District Library Director Jennifer West. “I think it has been a labor of love for her. In that time she has adapted and grown with all the changes we’ve seen happen in the public library.”

Magee recounted her time as a librarian. Technology, she said, has seen the most changes. Early in her career, she said, libraries used “the card catalogue and (did) everything on paper.”

“Now the majority of what we do is on the computer,” Magee said.

She added that with local libraries now a part of the SEO system, patrons have more options for finding books.

“It’s wonderful for small libraries to be able to borrow from our whole consortium,” Magee said.

With retirement around the corner, Magee said she will miss working with kids, as well as “getting acquainted with people and making friends.”

Magee said she enjoyed having “the opportunity to serve the community here.”

A reception for Magee is set for Thursday, March 30 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Greenfield Branch Library. Everyone is invited to attend. The library is located at 1125 Jefferson St.

Sarah Allen is an assistant librarian at the Highland County District Library in Hillsboro.

Greenfield Branch Library Manager Margaret Magee is retiring after 26-plus years. Branch Library Manager Margaret Magee is retiring after 26-plus years.

By Sarah Allen

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