Adena has pricing structure change


Adena Health System’s Laboratory has undergone a pricing structure change to make costs more in line with the today’s marketplace, and more affordable for patients.

“We know that many of today’s patients are managing higher deductible health care plans,” said Adena Interim President and CEO Dr. John Fortney. “With this in mind, we took a close look at where we could make price changes in our lab services to give our patients more for their health care dollar. The study has allowed us to make some significant reductions in price for many of the most common lab tests. Effective immediately, more than 80 percent of Adena’s lab prices are now below the state average.”

In addition to more customer-friendly pricing, patients who use Adena’s lab for testing will get the advantage of having results faster and available sooner. With Adena’s in-house laboratory, test results are reviewed by the referring providers, then put right into the patient’s Adena electronic medical record. This can be viewed by the patient by logging onto their personal page within the System’s Patient Portal.

Here are a few examples of Adena’s new lab pricing structure, as compared to the Ohio Average Price:

• Blood Draw – Adena new price $10.50; state average price $19.

• Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) blood test – Adena new price $34.97; state average price $111.

• Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) blood test – Adena new price $50.37; state average price $173.

In compliance with state law, hospital pricing on areas such as laboratory, emergency department, x-ray. radiology, and more can be found at Patients who want to view their patient portal page should contact their primary care provider to sign-up for access.

Submitted by Jason Gilham, communications manager, Adena Health System.

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