McGuffey Lane in Bainbridge Saturday


McGuffey Lane, a country/rock band from central Ohio, will perform at the Paxton Theatre on April 22 as part of the theatre’s Live & Local Series.

McGuffey Lane was founded in 1972 by members of Steve George Reis (bass/vocals) and Terry Efaw (steel guitar/gut string guitar/electric guitar). Reis and Efaw were then members of the duo “Scotch and Soda.” After adding band members Bobby Gene McNelley (vocal/guitar), they assumed the name McGuffey Lane (after the Athens, Ohio, street on which Reis resided). Dick Smith (drums/vocal) and Stephen “Tebes” Douglass (keyboards/harmonica/vocals) were added to the mix as the band’s popularity grew.

In 1977, McGuffey Lane became the house band at Zachariah’s Red Eye Saloon, and added John Schwab (vocal/guitar). Schwab would become the sixth and final member of the original McGuffey Lane, according to the band’s website.

According to Schwab, the April 22 performance will mark the first time McGuffey Lane has performed on the Paxton stage.

“McGuffey Lane has not previously played at the Paxton Theatre nor in Bainbridge, but we are very excited to do so,” said Schwab.

Schwab noted that the band loves the “intimacy with the crowd” and the “great sound” that small town theaters afford live bands.

“It lets us do many songs that we don’t often play at the outdoor festival and fair venues,” said Schwab.

Since the band’s birth in the ’70s, McGuffey Lane has played across the U.S. and abroad. According to the band’s website, McGuffey Lane is “still going strong,” with three of the original band members (Reis, Efaw and Schwab) performing 30-plus concerts each year.

In recent months, the band has traveled to shows in addition to traveling to and from Nashville to record the band’s new album.

“We have chosen to stay close to home in recent years, so it always surprises me each year to play a new venue so close to home,” said Schwab.

McGuffey Lane will take the stage at 7 p.m. Saturday, April 22, at the Paxton Theatre, located at 133 E. Main St., Bainbridge.

Tickets will be available at the door for $20, or may be ordered online at For more information, call 740-634-3333.

Submitted by the Paxton Theatre.

McGuffey Lane will perform at the Paxton Theatre in Bainbridge on Saturday evening, April 22. Lane will perform at the Paxton Theatre in Bainbridge on Saturday evening, April 22.

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