Hillsboro’s Austin Goolsby claims state championship in boys pole vault


Hillsboro High School junior Austin Goolsby won the D II boys pole vault state championship on Friday during the state track and field tournament held at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium on the campus of Ohio State University. Goolsby claimed the title after by clearing a height of 15-02. Goolsby is the seventh state champion in the history of Hillsboro High School.

Goolsby also attempted to set a state record at the state level but was unsuccessful. Hillsboro boys head coach Bud Marsh noted that Goolsby was disappointed by not setting the state record when he said, “He was disappointed about the height. I just told him don’t worry about the height, you are the state champion. That’s the thing.”

Marsh went on to say, “It’s a real feat to do what he has done. No that it hasn’t happened before but you don’t see improvement like he has shown very often. He went from clearing 10-06 as a freshman to clearing 15-08 at the end of last year. This year he did 15-02 and won. He is a great kid, I am very proud of him. He represented Hillsboro High School well.”

Goolsby took the time to reflect on his victory by saying, “I’m just really happy to get the state championship. It’s a big accomplishment. I want to come back next year and go for the state record.”

Goolsby credited his family with helping him achieve his goals. Goolsby said, “My family, they are really good to me and they have given me good opportunities to advance. They have helped me throughout this journey to make it to state and helped me get better.”

Goolsby also expressed his excitement for his senior season saying, “I can’t wait to come back and have a chance at the state record. I’m going to be jumping higher and flying high.”

Jacob Ott of Paint Valley High School in Bainbridge, Ohio also claimed a state championship on Friday in the D III boys shot put with a distance of 59-04.50. Ott’s teammate Travis Burton placed sixth in the event with a throw of 53-00.

The Hillsboro boys 4×100-meter relay team competed in the semi-finals heat on Friday in an attempt to qualify for the finals on Saturday. The team, which consisted of Austin Kimball, Jeremy Hayton, Luke Gallimore, and Austin Goolsby, fell short of the finals finishing in a time of 44.69.

McClain High School junior Chayden Pitzer competed individually in the girls 200-meter dash on Friday with her sights set on the final heat to be held Saturday. C. Pitzer, a participant in the first semi-final heat, had to wait with bated breath before leaning that she qualified for the finals with a time of 25.48. C. Pitzer will participate in the finals on Saturday at 2:40 p.m. C. Pitzer also competed in the girls 100-meter hurdles, but failed to qualify finishing with a time of 25.48.

The girls 4×200-meter relay team from McClain High School participated in the semi-finals on Friday as well finishing in a time of 1:46.72. The team, made up of Hunter Scott, Ashley Hardesty, Maddie Stegbauer, and C. Pitzer, had a wonderful season for the Lady Tigers, but it was not in the cards for the four girls as they fell short of the final heat. All four girls will be returning next year and their future appears to be bright on the track.

Tristan Pitzer, a McClain senior, participated in the semi-finals of the boys 200-meter dash on Friday and finished with a time of 22.94. T. Pitzer ran a good race, but the talent that he was forced to compete against was too much for him as he missed qualifying for the finals. T. Pitzer was an integral part of McClain track and field’s success this season and he will be missed as much for his on track contributions as well as for his ability to mentor younger athletes.

The Fairfield boys 4×800-meter relay team competed in the D III state finals on Friday finishing with a season best time of 8:14.87. The team, made up of Matthew Mangus, Trent Swisher, Noah Richmond, and Brandtson Duffie, were competing in the event for the second year in a row. Three of the four boys will be back to try again next year, Swisher is a senior, with even more confidence.

Blake Adams of Fairfield competed in the finals of the D III girls shot put finals finishing with a throw of 37-08.50. Despite not placing in this years state tournament Adams is a junior and with the requisite work and improvement could find herself on the same stage again next year.

The second day of the state tournament will see Mangus compete in the D III boys 3200-meter run, Hayton will compete in the D II boys high jump, C. Pitzer will compete in the D II girls 200-meter dash, Richmond will compete in the D III 1600-meter run, and Duffie will compete in the D III boys 800-meter run.

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Austin Goolsby (middle) is recognized as the state champion in the Div. II boys pole vault. Goolsby won the title by clearing a height of 15-02.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2017/06/web1_Goolsby-Champ.jpgAustin Goolsby (middle) is recognized as the state champion in the Div. II boys pole vault. Goolsby won the title by clearing a height of 15-02. Ryan Applegate | The Times-Gazette

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