Ode to the Colony Theatre


The Colony Theatre is no longer around,

and just as always has been taken down.

Just ike Marhall, Washington, Webster and High,

as fate would have it, it was your turn to die.

You were a thing of beauty, a sight to behold,

but now there is nothing, only a spot of ground that is cold.

Your screen once reflected Rogers, Autry and Dean,

and now there are none of those to be seen.

Abbott and Costello, Laurel & Hardy and Ball

once walked across your screen so mighty and tall.

So elegant and fine you were in your day

that dignitaries came to see you from far away.

But now it is over and many have tried

to keep you upright, you still have died.

So goodbye old friend, it’s been a really good show,

and we all should realize we also will sometime go.

Charles Dale Campbell


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