Lynchburg-Clay Mustangs cross country preview


The Lynchburg-Clay High School Mustangs cross country team will start their season on August 26 when they travel to Fayetteville to take on Southern Hills Athletic Conference rival the Fayetteville Rockets. The Mustangs will take part in the Highland County Invitational on September 19 when they travel to Leesburg to visit the Fairfield Lions. Lynchburg-Clay will end their season on October 7 when they travel to Adams County to take part in the West Union Invitational.

The Mustangs cross country team is comprised of boys and girls that are in grades nine through 12. The boys portion of the team features four seniors, one junior, one sophomore, and four freshmen. The Lady Mustangs will be represented by three seniors, three juniors, and two freshmen. The team will be coached by Amy Snyder who is in her first year on the job.

“We have three senior guys and three senior girls. That helps! They have a lot of experience among them, they are good about setting the bar high for the younger athletes.”, said Snyder.

Snyder thinks that she will get exceptional effort from top to bottom on the current roster. “I would expect a pretty good showing from some of our freshmen, there are some of them that have shown some potential. I also have high expectations for my seniors, they have been there and done this. They have been doing it for a good amount of time.”

“I should have some runners who are very competitive, who run some pretty competitive times. Practice is a little harder to gauge because the competition isn’t always there. They need that competition when they are running. Many times, my top couple of runners don’t always have the competition to push them in practice. That is why I am excited to see how we fare at our first meet.”, said Snyder.

The core of six seniors on the squad helps Snyder greatly as a first-year coach. “I rely on them a lot. They are great about helping me out with things during practice. I didn’t want to come in and turn everything on its head, they have been here and they know what works. I think it has been a good mesh of some of the things that I have brought in and some of the things that they have been used to.”

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Members of the Lynchburg-Clay cross country team do a warmup run before the start of practice. of the Lynchburg-Clay cross country team do a warmup run before the start of practice. Ryan Applegate | The Times-Gazette

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