Hillsboro Police Department reports


The Hillsboro Police Department has released the following information:

Aug. 30


Kristina Pinkerton, 20, of Cincinnati, was traveling southbound on North West Street approaching the intersection at Fenner Avenue. Brianna Humphrey, 21, of Hillsboro, was traveling southbound on North West Street ahead of Pinkerton. Humphrey slowed her vehicle to a stop due to traffic ahead at the intersection. Pinkerton observed the stopped traffic ahead and attempted to slow her vehicle using the brakes; however, whenever she depressed her brake pedal, her brakes locked up causing her vehicle to slide forward. Pinkerton was unable to stop her vehicle prior to striking Humphrey’s vehicle in a rear-end type collision. One occupant was transported by EMS out of Humphrey’s vehicle. Pinkerton was cited for assured clear distance ahead.

Millie Henninger, 35, of Leesburg, was stopped waiting on traffic on North High Street in the northbound lane, near Greenfield Pike. Tailor Mathews, 20, of West Union, was traveling northbound on North High Street directly behind Henninger. Mathews stated that when she applied the brakes, her vehicle locked up. As a result, Mathews’ vehicle struck Henninger’s vehicle in a rear-end type collision. Mathews was issued a citation for failure to maintain an assured clear distance ahead.

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