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On Friday, Sept. 8 the Highland County Fair hosted the Showman of Showman Contest. This contest is made up of the best junior fair exhibitors from nine different departments: beef, sheep, swine, equine, dairy, rabbit, goat, dog and poultry. The contest is made to be both educational and recreational in nature.

After winning their species showmanship, the students had a chance to participate in the Showman of Showmen contest. Participants gathered to show all nine different species in the contest using the correct showmanship techniques. Each species has its own judge, each judge ranked the contestants from one to 10 on their showmanship skills. The rankings from each species was totaled and the participant with the lowest score was the winner.

The Hillsboro FFA had two contestants in the Showman of Showmen contest – Kristin Jamieson representing poultry; and Morgan Kelly, representing equine. These two FFA students spent many hours to prepare themselves for their species showmanship. The 2017 Highland County Fair Showman of Showmen winner was Kristin Jamieson.

“It’s been a goal of mine to participate in the Showman of Showmen ever since I started showing, and this year I got to,” Jamieson said. “It was a wonderful and fun experience. I worked hard all week preparing for the show, going barn to barn and talking to everyone I could. It was an honor being a part of the elite showmen in the event and an even larger one to win it. Throughout the show, I felt confident in how I had been showing and I knew that if I just continued to do the best I could that I’d have a chance.

“The most challenging animal for me was the dogs, I think. The dog was excited and wasn’t concentrating. My favorite was the steer. I’ve wanted to take a cow project to the fair in recent years, but with the time commitments I haven’t been able to. This past year was also my last year showing, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to go out. I was successful in the chicken barn claiming the Reserve Grand Champion Meat Pen and Rate of Gain, as well as being the Showman of Poultry titles, later going on to become the 2017 Showman of Showmen. I’ve had such a wonderful journey with the Junior Fair, learning many valuable lessons. I’d like to thank my family and friends, my FFA advisers, Libby McNeal and Brian Cummings, Katie Phelps, and chicken adviser Diane Waits for all of their help and support.”

The Hillsboro FFA would like to congratulate Jamieson and Kelly for all their hard work and dedication.

Submitted by Hillsboro FFA.

Kristin Jamieson’s name was added to the Highland County Junior Fair Showman of Showmen plaque this year.
http://www.timesgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2017/09/web1_Showmanpic.jpgKristin Jamieson’s name was added to the Highland County Junior Fair Showman of Showmen plaque this year.

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